January 10, 2011



You are one of the most focused people I know.

You were focused even as a baby.

I remember when you sat and studied the shape sorter until you could easily put each of the shapes into the correct hole.

You are all girl.

You want to wear a dress every day and beg to choose one from "the special closet."

You love tea parties, dressing up and anything that sparkles.

And oh how you love fairies.

You are thrilled to be seven.

You truly believe it means you're taller.

You are incredibly funny.


And very imaginative.

Kenna is your very best friend.

You adore her and she adores you.

You also adore chocolate.

You're not so crazy about vegetables.

Or meat.

Or anything without cheese or the aforementioned chocolate.

You love to make things.

You draw elaborate castles and cut things out with skill that even Edward Scissorhands would envy.

I am forever finding your artwork taped on the doors and windows and walls.

I love that.


You often give me fashion advice and are the first to tell me that I look pretty.

Or that what I'm wearing isn't really appropriate for the occasion.

Like when I was wearing jeans to "Meet the Teacher."

You are a natural performer and love to sing and dance.

You play the piano beautifully.

You always give Daddy and me a seat in the first row for your shows.

Just seeing you each morning all rumple-haired and bleary-eyed makes me smile.

You are unbelievably determined.

Watching you swim this past summer made me so proud.

The day you swam the entire length of the pool and then jumped up and down on the pool deck screaming was possibly one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

You are not a quiet child.

I hope you never loose the bubbling-over enthusiasm you have for life.

You often tell me that you're "just a teeny bit taller than Kenna."

But you're always quick to add "but that doesn't make me any better."

You have a very tender heart and a gentle spirit.

You love God.

You love to snuggle.

You think all kisses should be on the lips.

You are a delight my baby girl.

Pure sunshine.

And yes, I know you're not a baby.

But you'll always, always, always be my baby.


  1. What a sweet post! She sounds like such a sweet and fun girl. You can see the joy that exists in her eyes.

    Love that Boden coat, we got it but had to send it back because it didn't fit little Miss Petite Sophia.

  2. Wow I can't believe your girls are 7! It just seems like they were coming home from China. Happy birthday big girls!

  3. Oh Kristi, I love this post...what a doll!!
    AND that COAT!!!! I die!!

  4. So sweet, a great way to capture her essence at age 7! May she always be such a loving, determined girl!

  5. Thanks for sharing the "intimate" Michal with us. She sounds a lot like my sweet Marissa!

  6. Oh, she is such a sweet little girl.
    I SO wish you guys lived close so that your girls could be St. Patrick flower girls for my wedding...they would be so darn cute with my little Italian ring bearer. Since I don't have such utter adorableness, I am not having a flower girl!

  7. Anonymous9:44 AM

    I happened to go back to a December 2005 entry you made about Michal and you remarked that she was your girly girl. Some things don't change :).

    I can't believe they are SEVEN!

  8. Anonymous11:09 AM

    Your post brought tears to my eyes as I thought about my own sweet, baby girls and how they really aren't babies any longer at 3 1/2. Having twins is a true blessing and I love seeing your girls as they get older and I see what we have to look forward to in the coming months and years!

  9. that may be the most beautiful thing I've ever read!

  10. Oh man, I almost cried. I want to be her. Such a beautiful girl, inside and out.




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