January 12, 2011



You are my analytical child.

You ask a million questions and genuinely want to know the answers.

When I don't know the answer you tell me to "Google it."

You love doing projects with Daddy.

You refuse to wear jeans.

I can convince you to wear jeggings.

You want to wear a dress every day and sweetly told me one morning that, "some angel moms let their angel child wear a fancy dress every day."

You love princesses and fairies and things that sparkle.

You are thrilled to be seven.

We joke that you're the Safety Patrol.

You even tell moms in the grocery store that they should put the seat belt on their baby in the cart.

You're right.

They should.

You use words like "ridiculously" and "actually" and "conundrum."

Whenever I tell you that I love something, you correct me and tell me that, "We like things and love people."

You love Michal and choose to be with her nearly every moment.

You like chocolate. A lot.

And mint chip ice cream.

And anything with cheese.


You are wildly imaginative.

You can make me laugh with as little as a sideways glance.

You tell me your favorite subject at school is math.

You love to read too.

You also love to spell.

When I spell things for your dad, because I don't want you to know what I'm saying, you usually figure out what I'm spelling faster than he does.

I think my days of spelling are over.

You are crazy musical.

You can play piano by ear.

It amazes me.

I love how you gesture with your hands when you talk.

You are not a morning person.

Neither am I.

You told me that the only thing that you don't like about First Grade is having to get up early.


You do things in your own time.

No number of swim lessons were going to make you swim until you decided you were ready.

And when you were ready, there was no stopping you.


You are an incredibly-outgoing child.

More than once a total stranger has told you that you made their day.

I hope you always love people the way you do now.

You are wise beyond your years.

You can't understand why some people don't believe in God.

Every night you give me Europe kisses and Eskimo kisses and butterfly kisses and then giggle and ask if I'd like an American dog kiss too.

Everyone should be so lucky.

Just being around you makes me smile.

You're the girl who never forgets to tell me that she loves me to the moon and back.

You're also the girl who then asks if Mars is farther because if it is you love me to Mars and back.

I love you too baby girl.

All the way to Mars and back.


  1. That is a really sweet post.....I think I may want to copy your style...it is a lovely "poem" to both...

    I do so like your blog.


  2. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Okay, weeping now.....beautiful!

  3. Okay, yesterday I said Marissa was a lot like Michal...but she is also a lot like Kenna. She's a blend of both. This is why I love people. We are all unique! Just like our girls!!

  4. What a great post. I was so touched by this post and surprised to see that Kenna is SO much like my son Dmitry. We actually call him the "hall monitor" he is safety boy to the fullest :)

  5. These were really sweet posts to your daughters. I enjoyed reading them.

    Also, what fabulous coats they have! I love the orange one!

  6. Sigh.

    I want to be her too!


  7. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Absolutely beautiful!!!

    Made me tear up!




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