January 22, 2011

A Fairy Tea Party

My creation

Today 23 little girls filled my house for a Fairy Tea Party to celebrate Kenna and Michal's 7th birthday. This is the first year that we've had a birthday party for just their classmates and that meant a lot of little girls since they're in two different classes at school.




When they arrived the girls had their choice of three activities; they could get their face painted, make a fairy house or make a fairy friend -- a teddy bear. Once they finished one of the three activities they could move on to the next activity. I very fortunately had Eric and two wonderful friends help me before and during the party. They each managed one of the crafts while I tried to make sure the girls were moving from one activity to the next.




It was cute to see some of the girls get their faces painted like tigers while others chose fancy butterflies.



I then had the girls all get the wrapped Barbie doll they'd brought to the party -- in lieu of gifts each girl brought a Barbie to exchange. They all then sat in a circle on the floor and I read a fairy book. Each time I read the word "fairy" they passed their wrapped package to the right. They really loved this game and giggled and laughed each time I said "fairy." When I finished the book I told them to open their package and that Barbie was theirs to take home.


The girls then got dressed in "fairy finery" -- tutus, wings and wreaths of flowers -- to go into the dining room for a fairy tea party. The tables were set with mismatched china plates and tea cups. A few of the tea cups were mine and the rest were thrift store finds. I have spent weeks scouring Good Will for tea cups and plates and have managed to amass a pretty good china collection. Each tea cup had a different handmade fairy sitting on it. The fairies were my very favorite part of the party and the girls absolutely loved them too. There was also a heart-shaped fairy wand at each place. I used fancy tea pots and the girls had their choice of pink lemonade, chocolate milk or hot chocolate, with flower marshmallows, to accompany their flower-and-butterfly-topped chocolate cupcakes.


butterfly chandelier








After our tea party the girls went back to the Family Room for a Little Miss Ann concert. (If you don't have a Little Miss Ann CD, it's worth getting one. You can read all about her here.) She had them singing, dancing and popping bubbles. It was the absolutely the cutest thing to see a room full of winged little girls dancing and singing.



She also let Michal and Kenna come up and sing in the microphone, which they absolutely loved.



The very best moment for me was after Little Miss Ann finished her concert and Michal and Kenna both ran across the room to me to thank me again and again for the party. It made every late night and hot glue burn worth it!

In case you ever want to plan your own fairy tea party, here are some of my resources:

Fairies: Marilee Jane Designs
Fairy wands and flower wreaths: Fairy Princess
Tutus and wings: Halo Heaven
Pink flower topiaries: Home Goods
Silk flowers, tulle and ribbon to make chair sashes: Hobby Lobby and Hancock Fabricks
Silk flower garland: Joann's (I embellished a purchased garland)
Birthday crown birds: Michael's (I added the ribbons and flowers)
Table cloth fabric: Hobby Lobby
Unfinished wood bird houses to make fairy houses: Hobby Lobby and Michael's
China tea cups and plates: Some were already mine and the rest were found at Good Will. The lady who works at Good Will got so used to seeing me that she would tell me what had come in that I might like. She also told me that she called her daughter to tell her what I was doing so she could start collecting dishes for her granddaughter's birthday party!
Tea pots: Home Goods
Cup cakes and flower cookies: Soirees and Sweets
Three-foot balloons and balloon "7" in the front yard : Unique Balloon Decorating


  1. In 3 months I'll have a 6 year old that would LOVE this for her party theme. Everything you did was just lovely, and I especially like the Barbie exchange game- GREAT idea!!! I think I might steal it! :)

  2. SUPER party! My daughter is only 3, but I think I may have to store away this idea for a few years-looks fantastic! You always have wonderful ideas! I am sure you had many happy girls that day!

  3. Happy birthday to two very special fairies! What a great party!

  4. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Oh my goodness, this is the best party ever. I think you were a party planner in your past life and if not, there definitely is one in your future.

    How long did it take you to get everything ready for this marvelous and colorful event? What role(s) did M and K play?

    Who did the face painting? They were just fabulous. When I was a kid 100 years ago the only time you made up your face was for Halloween. I love that kids do this a lot more often now as it makes for a lot of fun pretend play.

  5. M and K picked the fairy theme. They also picked the fabric that set the color scheme. They asked to please have face painting and they asked for Little Miss Ann to come and sing.

    It took a lot of time to get the party ready but I absolutely love doing this kind of thing. Some of the "crafty" parts took the most time, like the flower bouquets for the chairs. I also spent time making a some things that I ended up not using.

  6. This has to be the sweetest party I've ever seen. What a special mom (and Dad) Kenna and Michal have.

  7. What a wonderful party and one I am sure they will never forget!

    You did a great job on everything.

  8. Desirae M4:30 PM

    Aw the Fairy party looks so adorable!! Any 7yr old would have an absolute blast beautiful party :)

  9. What a lovely, unique party!!!!! Thanks for sharing all the details with us! My daughter is only 1, but this is something EVERY little girl would love at some point :-)

  10. Absolutely beautiful party...I think you have found your niche!!! You could make so much doing this for other people!

  11. Your details are beautiful! You are very talented.

    Your daughters will remember this forever!

  12. Anonymous8:42 PM

    So special and lovely....love it! Can't wait to do stuff like this when our girls get a little older. They are already into fairies!

    Everything looked just perfect Kristi!!

  13. Susan, mom to twins in FL9:43 PM

    wow...with each passing year/celebration, your parties are getting even more beautiful, if that is possible! So wonderful.
    I absolutely loved that your girls stopped to thank you, that they get
    that you do this because you love them and *they appreciate it*. What beautiful hearts you are helping them grow!

  14. Barbie exchange is a great idea. We don't have room in our house for tons of gifts, and with the Barbie exchange, each girl still picks out fun gift and they and the bday girls all go home with a gift! Did you make that one up yourself? If we ever have an all-girl party, I'll have to consider that.

  15. Amy,

    I did think up the Barbie Exchange but I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of the idea. It worked really well since each girl still brought a gift -- and got to take a gift home.

    Plus, it made it easy for people since I'm sure some girls would have brought a gift just for Kenna or just for Michal -- depending on whose class they are in -- and other may have brought a gift for both. And I know it would have been uncomfortable since there's not a good way to tell people what they should do.

    We did a book exchange at their 3rd birthday party and that worked well too since the girls were little.

    This time the girls loved the game as much as they loved getting a Barbie doll.


  16. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Speechless! What I come away with - - in addition to some wonderful party ideas and resources - - is inspiration to pour time and love into birthday parties! Thank you for sharing these details!

    And I just LOVE the Barbie exchange - - brilliant! (I like the idea of exchanging books as well . . . )

    Simply Amazing!


  17. You have such wonderful ideas for parties. Have you ever thought about doing it as a profession--maybe even just writing a book about party themes?

    I hoped to have a tea party in October for my daughter's birthday with mismatched teacups and saucers. And I thought I was being clever! Your site will be my "go to" site for that party!

  18. Wow what an amazing party everyone looks like they had so much fun. Happy 7th Birthday girls!

  19. Excellent, over the top, beautiful and fun party. You are fabulous! What a gorgeous setup and fun ideas. I love all of it. The Barbie exchange is wonderful. Thank you for sharing these photos.

  20. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Wow! what a party. I would like one like this next Jan. for my 70th birthday. :) We women would probably be harder to manage than your 23 little girls. :) The thanks really does make it all worth while. Happy 7th to Michal and Kenna. Wasn't it just yesterday that you went to China? I'm still going to meet them some day.


  21. Alice1:21 PM

    It sounds like a perfect party for your daughters! All of your time and energy certainly shows! What a fantastic event! It's a day your daughters will always remember! You always do an amazing job! I'm impressed!

  22. What a fabulous party! I love checking in on your blog. It is such fun and I get so many wonderful ideas. Keep up the good work!

  23. OMG. How inspirational.

    Thankyou, Kristi. You are a prime mover.

  24. Looks like a FABULOUS party! Don't you love those kind?. i scoured Goodwill last year looking for tea cups too and then ended up getting mine at a dollar store instead....but I remember the same kind of conversations with the workers for a while:) All of the home made touches were gorgeous Kristi. your girls will always remember all these wonderful things you did for them.

  25. Oh, what fun! Happy Belated Birthday to your girls.

  26. Absolutely magical!! Too bad my house is so tiny....otherwise, I'd love to do this for my girls!!

  27. What an amazing party!! I love the face painting and the Barbie exchange! What a wonderful idea!! You are so creative - everything was so gorgeous!

  28. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Your parties are always so beautiful and fun! Love the details! Wondering where you get the tables and chairs - is that your normal dining room furniture? Also, tried to click the girls room and nursery links to get photos (love your taste) but didn't see any photos. Happy Belated Birthday girls!

  29. Anonymous9:13 AM

    Great photos for such a FABULOUS party! The Barbie exchange is such a great idea - wondering when you do an exchange is that also the goodie bag/favor? Great ideas and great details!

  30. Anonymous1:03 PM

    What an awesome party! Love the details! Wondering do any of the girls' friends have parties like this?

  31. It´s beautifull. Every detail is cute.
    I loved.
    I want to share it in my blog, if you don´t mind.
    Congratulations. The girls are so pretty.
    Karen (from Brazil)

  32. Karen,

    Thank you. I would be extremely flattered if you shared it on your blog.


  33. I'm drolling!!! Next time can I come? That was a beautiful party. . .WOW!!! Holy Moly! I'm just sitting here in complete AWE!!! What a wonderful party to give your little girls.

  34. Wow, a friend just gave me a link to your blog and I love it! Planning a fairy tea party for my daughter's 4th and love your idea. Still trying to decide whether to use the real tea cups since there will be a few 3 year olds. Maybe I will take your advice and scour Good Will for a set I would be ok with if broken. :-)

    Also loved your Fancy Nancy and Princess parties! There is just nothing like a well planned girlie party! Thanks again for sharing all the wonderful details!
    BTW, beautiful girls! Our little princess is from Thailand.

  35. Okay so I found your party post through the birthday girl blog & I can't begin to tell you how in LOVE with that party I am! Like, to the point where I might make my next birthday party in the same style- even though it'd be for my SON, who would only be TWO. ;)

    I do have to ask though, how'd you do the chandelier? It's gorgeous!

  36. Thanks so much for your kind -- and hilarious! -- comment.

    To make the "fairy canopy" on the chandelier I strung tulle from the chandelier to the four corners of the dining room. I used tiny clear Command adhesive hooks on the ceiling and looped the tulle through the hook and then let it hang down and puddle on the floor. I then looped some extra tulle around the top of the chandelier. I made clusters of silk flowers by hot gluing them to a felt circle. I then attached those bouquets to the tulle on the chandelier. I then wired on the butterflies.

    The tulle comes on spools and is really inexpensive.

    You could do something similar with any light fixture and some tulle. It would even be fun to use green tulle and create a great "bug net" for a little boy's party.

  37. What a great party!!!!!Loved the colors! I fell in love with the tablecloths .Does anyone have an know the name of the fabric? Thanks

  38. Great Party!! Loved the fabric used for the table covers..Does anyone know the name of it?

  39. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Amazing - you inspire me!!!

    (London, UK)

  40. Precious party. Could you tell me how you made the big 7 balloons?

  41. The balloon 7 was made by Unique Balloon Decorating. There is a link to their site at the bottom of the post. The constructed a metal frame in the shape of a 7 and then attached the balloons to it.

  42. Hey I'm doing this exact theme for my daughter and I'm in deep search for teapots. Where would you think my luck will be .. You send at home goods.. Is that Marshall's..?.

    1. Yes! TJMaxx, HomeGoods and Marshall's are all owned by the same company. You'll find lots of wonderful tea pots at any of the three of them.

  43. Hey kristi so I'm planning a tea party for my daughter and I needed some help finding the teapots that you have I looked on home goods online and I didn't see anything any suggestions?? Btw all your ideas are awesome

  44. Thank you so much

  45. Anonymous2:54 PM

    Lovely in every way. You did an A++ job on this. If the kids learn your obvious organization skills and dedication then I am confident they will grow up to do very well in this world.
    A. Curry Charlotte NC



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