January 20, 2011

Don't you wish you lived in Chicago?

Tonight it's supposed to be go down to -7, which will feel like -30 with the windchill. It will warm up to -10 to -20 by tomorrow afternoon.

Do you realize just how cold that is? You can get frost bite in six minutes. (I learned that little helpful piece of information on the news tonight.)

And to think I used to complain that it was too hot when we lived in Arizona.


  1. Your near neighbor here...and no I wished I lived in Sarasota!!! My youngest asked tonight, as she laid out her clothes, if I thought she needed her snow pants for "outdoor recess"? Promised the oldest one I would drive her to school so she wouldn't have to wait for the bus!!

  2. We are in Pennsylvania and it will be 0 here for the next few nights...really wishing I was on a nice, tropical island somewhere!
    Lynn Schadler
    Wyomissing, PA

  3. Is it cruel to tell you that we live in a Caribbean island and our winter weather is a chilly 80 degrees :-)
    Stay warm!!!!

  4. Ummm....no. I think our 37 degees is cold:)

  5. Haha....being big Bars fans..we wouldn't mind the cold ;) not much warmer here in DES Moines! Isn't it ridiculous!? I am ready for spring already!

  6. My brother had -25 without the windchill the other day. That is CRAZY!!!

  7. Ohhh, that sounds miserable. I really don't think I could live in cold like that. I'll take the northern New Mexico winters without complaining now!

  8. I lived in Chicago for 27 years..way too many years of being cold for me.

    I've lived in Arizona now for 13 years and I will take the heat any day of the year! Love it!

    Sue : )



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