December 23, 2010


My creation

The question came from the flip flop-wearing six-year old in the back seat.

"Mom, could you please turn on the air conditioning?"


The air conditioning was already on but I turned it up higher.

"Mom, this is gorgeous weather."

"It is gorgeous weather!," I agreed.


"Why can't we live in Arizona?"

"Because you've never lived here in the summer and you have no idea how hot it gets here."


"What if we just lived here in the winter?"

"Then we'd be snowbirds."

"I think we should be snowbirds Mom."

"Me too."

And then, after a long pause,"Mom, why do we want to be birds that live in the snow?"


Tonight was "Birthday Eve" for me. Birthday Eves are celebrated by eating dessert first. Try it some time! I don't think anything feels more celebratory than skipping all preliminaries and jumping straight to something chocolate. Even though it was my Birthday Eve, Kenna and Michal were the ones who actually ate dessert first -- Sprinkles peppermint chocolate cupcakes. I waited until after dinner was over but no one seemed to notice.

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  1. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Oh, I'd do anything to be in your shoes right now - - we SO love Arizona! Enjoy, enjoy!!




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