November 8, 2010

Day 311




November 8, 2010

4:55 p.m.

Walking in the woods.

Today was absolutely beautiful. It felt more like September than November so we went walking in the woods after school. The girls collected leaves and dropped sticks off a bridge to see how big of a circle they would make once they hit the water.

I suddenly became my mom as I told them not to lean over the side of the bridge because I was concerned they'd fall in. As the warning came out of my mouth, I instantly remembered standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon with my mom holding the back of my clothes telling me to move away from the edge.

I guess some things are simply universal, like mothers not wanting to have to fish their children out of a river or pick them up off the bottom of the Grand Canyon.


  1. Wow! As always, you capture beautiful moments.

  2. Getting outside like this is such a joy!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful moments



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