October 17, 2010

Doesn't Fall always mean giraffes?


Today we headed to a pumpkin patch. There are lots of pumpkin patches in the Chicagoland area but this wasn't one we'd ever been to before.

We joined throngs of other Fall revelers in a lengthy walk from the parking lot to the entrance. Once inside we looked at rows and rows of bright orange pumpkins and admired bin after bin of gourds and little pumpkins.


We then ate apple cider donuts because there are certain things you simply have to do when you're at a pumpkin patch and eating donuts is one of them.


I bought tickets so the girls could ride ponies and we could go in to Animal Land. I really didn't know what Animal Land was but I guessed the girls would get to feed some goats and pigs we'd walk through a corn maze.

The Animal Land animals were in fenced pens under an enormous white tent. We bought two cups of feed and a cup of carrots and were told we could feed everything except the black bear and tiger cubs.

Clearly this wasn't going to be your basic petting zoo.

The first pen we came to held a baby camel who strongly preferred carrots to the garden shovel full of kibble Kenna offered him.

We went from pen to pen and the girls fed wallabies, llamas, zebras and some kind of exotic deer. We looked at birds from around the globe including owls, macaws and toucans, which Michal proudly told me are the kind of birds that sits on a pirate's shoulder. I had to tell her those are parrots, which surprisingly weren't in the tented animal wonderland.


We then headed back outside where there was a crowd of people lined up to get on to a platform. It took me a minute, but I realized that they were lined up to feed a mother and baby giraffe.

We got in line and then climbed to the top of the platform. The baby giraffe was taking carrots from people at the opposite end of the platform and the mother giraffe was busy licking the metal barn.

The baby giraffe then walked back to its mother and the crowd at the railing thinned so the girls and I moved down to where the baby giraffe had been. We waited for a couple minutes and then both the mother and baby walked straight over to us and stuck their noses through the railing and waited to be given a carrot.

It was really surreal. After several minutes of feeding the giraffes and having our hands coated in giraffe spit, we handed our cup of carrots to a little girl behind us and moved out of the way.



After our giraffe encounter, and a good coating of hand sanitizer, we went and watched the pig races, made our way through the corn maze and finished the day with a pony ride.




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  1. That sounds like sooooooooo much fun!!! I would have loved to have done that!! You guys always have the best time.



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