September 12, 2010

Oohs and Aahs On Ice


Tonight we took Kenna and Michal to see Disney Princesses on Ice. We didn't tell them where we were going and instead loaded them in the car and told them we were going somewhere great but that it was a surprise.


They decided it was the movies and they were thrilled. Then, as we drove toward the city, they changed their guess to American Girl. They kept asking for clues and kept guessing and guessing and guessing. Funny that they never asked why they were wearing Uggs or why we brought coats.


When we arrived at the United Center they still had no idea what we were doing and were a bit underwhelmed by the outside of a big basketball arena.


While Eric was getting our tickets at Will Call, they were both peeking in the windows. Michal spotted a souvenir stand with Ariel's picture on it. Then they both noticed that there were little girls going in who had on princess dresses and they decided whatever we were doing had something to do with princesses.

Once inside they saw the "Princesses on Ice" sign and started jumping up and down yelling, "We're going to Princesses on Ice!" I'm sure everyone around us was wondering why these loud little girls were just figuring out where it was that they were going.

My creation


The show was wonderful. Kenna and Michal were mesmerized and absolutely loved it. After the finale they both asked if we could go again the next night. They both then declared it was much better than going to the movies, or even American Girl.

And that's a pretty big endorsement!

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  1. Jenny May9:41 PM

    I must say your daughters outfits are adorable! I have fallen in love with the Mj Clothing Line. I just wish I had more time and money to buy some cute outfits similar to what your girls are wearing!



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