September 3, 2010

Friday Finds {Shabby Apple}

shabby apple dresses

Do you ever look in your closet at the row of every shape and wash of jeans hanging alongside the row of crew neck, v-neck and should-have-been-tossed-some-time-ago white t-shirts and think to yourself, "I've really got to branch out a little?"

I do.

And it was after a particularly-unfortunate little closet look-see that I happened upon Shabby Apple.

shabby apple

Shabby Apple makes dresses. Lots and lots of dresses. So after deciding that it might be nice if I occasionally wore something other than the aforementioned jeans and t-shirt, I found myself thinking up all kinds of places I could wear a dress.

And I really, really liked the Shabby Apple dresses. They seemed classic and modern all at the same time, a little like something really great you found in the back of vintage clothing store, instead of something you purchased off a rack at the mall. And Shabby Apple believes you should be able to wear a dress by itself without feeling like you need to put a tank top under it or a cardigan over it to hide, shield or cover up the things the dress is letting hang out.

And I liked that idea too.

Then I got an e-mail . . . from Shabby Apple. And they offered to send me a dress. It was just like divine closet intervention.

And I love the dress they sent me.


It's chocolate brown and feminine and it fits like a dream. I'm wearing it out to dinner on Saturday night. And I can promise you that there won't be any jeans or t-shirts anywhere in sight.

Shabby Apple is offering free shipping through September 15. Just enter the code "yosemite" at check out.


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    So which dress did they send you and how do you like the fit?

  2. They sent me the brown dress that's pictured at the bottom. It's really, really cute. Their website indicated that the dress was generously-sized and I'd agree. I ordered down a size and it fits really nicely. It's a little roomy in the waist but it comes with a fabric tie, or I'm going to pair it with a wide belt like they show in the photo.

  3. I love you. I thank you for writing this blog. PLEASE send more. I really need to branch out and find things that look classic and stylish at modest prices. I did okay this summer, but I KNOW this fall and winter I will be back in jeans and hoodies. In my size it is hard to find jeans that come up high in the waist (enough with the low waisted jeans) and I want to look stylish but not like my grandma and not like I'm trying to be a teenager.
    Please move to the KC area and be my friend! :) I love your sense of style.

  4. I LOVE all the dresses at Shabby Apple!
    Funny I just did a post on them today at my Ciao Bella blog...I love the dress they sent...sooo cute and will move nicely into fall with tights too!!

  5. Anonymous1:37 PM

    You have such excellent taste for clothes for your girls. Given that children grow so quickly what do you do with your clothes after your daughters outgrow them? Is there a charity you give them to or to friends with daughters?

  6. Anonymous,

    Thank you for the nice compliment.

    I have done lots of different things with the girls outgrown clothes. The majority are handed down to a close friend who also has twin girls that are 18 months younger -- and a size smaller -- than M&K. I've also given clothes to other friends and to a couple blog readers who've asked about a particular dress or outfit. And some things are given to charity.

    I love, love, love seeing other little girls in clothes that M&K once wore, which is what makes it especially fun to hand them down to my friend's daughters since I see them a lot.

  7. Gorgeous dresses! At first I was a little put off by the prices, but then I realized my "uniform" of jeans and a tee shirt cost at least as much as a dress!
    Thanks for another great find!

  8. No offense, but I'm going to skip going to this Shabby apple site. Just too dangerous! I hold you personally responsible for nearly bankrupting me, after turning me onto that cute Naartjie site. I'm addicted. A second addiction I can do without...but I'm so itching to click on that link.

    Kind regards from Miami,

    Carol and Taylor

  9. Anonymous3:16 PM

    Hi - Thank you for sharing this wonderful site and it is very timely for me. My boss is getting married soon - an intimate, Saturday morning wedding. Ifound the perfect dress on Shabby Apple...can't wait to see it...and free shipping!



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