September 17, 2010

Friday Finds {Ms. Food Face}


Before Eric and I had children, we started, unintentionally of course, developing a "we'll never" list. The list included all of the things we were absolutely, positively never going to do as parents. An item usually was added to the list after being with friends and their children, and watching something they did that we -- as completely clueless outsiders -- just couldn't imagine doing.

And so, over the years, our "we'll never" list grew to include: allowing a child to watch Barney, canceling plans because we couldn't find a babysitter and letting a three-year old still use a paci.

Also, somewhere near the top of the list, was feeding our children "kid's food," like macaroni-and-cheese. I envisioned raising little foodies who would turn their noses up at the kid's menu and would instead request a goat cheese salad to accompany their chicken with pesto and pine nuts.

Did I mention how completely clueless we were?

Once we actually became parents we quickly learned to never say never. Michal and Kenna watched Barney, we've missed plenty of nights out because we didn't have a sitter and I will admit that I am the proud mother of two frustratingly-fussy eaters.

So, I've developed lots of little tricks to make mealtimes more fun and encourage my picky duo to eat something not on the kid's menu.

I recently found this ceramic plate by Fred and Friends and the girls love it! Heck, I want to eat on it too.

This was Kenna's plate this morning complete with scrambled egg hair and vitamin earrings. (The apple slice collar had already been eaten when I took the picture.)


The girls actually ask for the Ms. Food Face plate and are excited to see what Eric or I come up with to decorate it.

I bought our Ms. Food Face plates at Z Gallerie but the best online price I found was here.

There's also a Mr. Food Face plate. Equally cute and entertaining.



  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Was there a winner in the caligraphy address contest?

  2. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Thanks for the information you sent via e-mail! I can't wait to share with the girls' classes!

    **I just ordered the food face plates** I am putting them away for little extra X-mas gifts!: )

    Thanks, Kim Evans

  3. Alice7:39 AM

    I just saw the Mr food Face plate. Where do you get the Ms. Food plate?

  4. OH MY WORD!!!! To funny. I have seen the magnet things of that...but never a plate. Thanks for sharing

  5. Those plates are soooooo cute!!! I think they would make an awesome Christmas gift or even a birthday gift.

  6. This is a brilliant idea! I'm getting these for sure!

    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  7. That is the cutest thing I've seen in a long while!

  8. Oh my goodness! Thank you for sharing this. SOOO ADORABLE! I just ordered 3 for my little ones.

  9. Love these sweet plates! I will be following Kim Evan's idea and getting one for Tate and saving for Christmas.

    I am missing your project 365 postings...


  10. Even though I do not have fussy eaters (they never want what's on the kid's menu; would rather eat something "interesting") I will have to order these plates. How fun!!! I, too, will put them back for Christmas gifts.

  11. k1polzin11:25 AM

    I got mine in the mail! I'm afraid to open the shipping I may not have enough will power to keep them hid until X-Mas! lol

    Kim Evans

  12. you've got a Food Face! Join us!!
    Submit or email us your favorite Food Faces (or give us the thumbs up to go ahead and use your great Food Face pic on our site!)



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