August 23, 2010

Sunday in the Park


Today we watched Qixi, a Chinese fairytale about a cow herder and a weaving girl, told in four parts by Chinese dancers around Millennium Park.

It was really beautiful.


Sophie sat on her dad's shoulders for a better view. What a smart girl.


Kenna and Michal jumped off the walls in Millennium Park because they believe all walls should be jumped off of.

We ate Pan Asian food for dinner and I went to the restaurant next door to get butter for Michal and Kenna's noodles. Michal announced repeatedly that she loved her Chinese food. I didn't have the heart to tell her that pad thai noodles with butter and salt don't actually qualify as Chinese food. In fact, they don't even qualify as Thai food.

IMG_5013 2

Afterward the girls sat on a cow in front of the Chicago Cultural Center, which is probably the most beautiful building in downtown Chicago. It has a Tiffany glass dome and exquisite inlaid glass mosaic tiles.


And finally, we walked to the eyeball sculpture. A little strange in my opinion but I guess art is a subjective thing and one person's art is another person's very large bloodshot eyeball.

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