July 24, 2010

Twenty Five Cents

I offered Michal $ .25 to jump off the dock.


She thought $ .25 was a lot of money.


She jumped off the dock again and again . . . and again.


I honestly lost track of how many times she jumped.

She asked me how much money she'd earned and I told her I wasn't sure. We agreed on $2.00, which is twice as much as the Tooth Fairy brings. She was thrilled and jumped off the dock again while yelling, "I'm rich!"


It's good to be six when $2.00 is a fortune and when jumping off the dock is so much fun you realize you would have done it all along for free.


1 comment:

  1. That is the cutest thing!! Did Kenna jump? One of ours is much more motivated by earning $ than the other.



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