July 26, 2010

Road Trip

We left the lake yesterday morning and drove all day. We drove through Montana and were so sad to leave its beautiful mountains and wide open skies.

IMG_3775 2

We drove into Idaho and stopped in Idaho Falls for lunch.




We arrived in Park City, Utah in time for dinner and were amazed at how much building has gone on in Park City since we were last there for the Winter Olympics. We ate dinner outside and marveled at the complete absence of bugs. We went to bed much later than planned but it made it feel less like we'd spent the whole day driving.


This morning, when our sleeping beauties finally woke up, we headed to downtown Park City to the Park Silly Market, which was a lot of fun. We ate breakfast, shopped and the girls both got their faces painted with rainbow butterflies.





We all swam this afternoon and Kenna decided that putting her face in while swimming was a really great idea.


Tomorrow afternoon, sadly, we head home and back to reality. It's been an amazing two weeks of hiking, swimming, boating, skiing, playing games, seeing animals, making s'mores, becoming a junior ranger, kayaking, eating pie, jumping off the dock, reading magazines, shaking bear bells, insanely-late bedtimes, swimming in the lake, inner tubing, looking for the moon each night, being with family and just having a really great time.


  1. Krisit...I have followed everyday of your vacation...it sure seems like the perfect 2 weeks!! What a wonderful vacation...and I love that you it was a road trip ( I think so anyway!) Happy rest of summer to you!

  2. Anonymous6:35 PM

    What is the difference between inter tubing and inner tubing?

  3. Dawn,

    It was a flying-driving vacation.

    We flew to Salt Lake City and then drove to Jackson, WY, on to Seeley Lake, MT up to Big Fork, MT for the day and then back to Seeley, on to Park City, UT and then flew back out of Salt Lake City.

    We drove a lot -- about 22 hours total -- but did fly to and from our starting point. It felt like a driving vacation because we drove to and through so many places but we got a head start on the drive by flying to Salt Lake.

    Eric and I both agree it was the best vacation we've ever taken -- and we do like to travel -- and I think driving so much was part of the appeal.

    Thanks so much for your kind comment.


  4. The difference between inter tubing and inner tubing would be the letter "t." :)

  5. Anonymous8:48 PM

    What a great vacation! So many great memories for you and your girls. I have enjoyed following along :)

  6. What a great vacation! Sounds like so much fun and everyplace looked so beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! We really loved our trip to Chicago and our little Scottie is growing like a weed!


  7. Kristi,

    YOu all have had such a GREAT summer! It looks like you had a lot of travel adventures. Your girls WILL remember this trip for a long time to come. I know I have enjoyed following along.

    We are on a little road trip adventure ourselves right now....

  8. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Kristi - I love Park City! It makes me miss Utah a little seeing the fun pictures. I was a nanny for a family there in undergrad and I miss driving Parley's Canyon every day. :) Looks like it was a fun vacation.

  9. What fun! I have been enjoying going on vacation with you. LOL!



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