July 16, 2010

Oh beautiful, for spacious skies.



"Beautiful" seems like a wholly inadequate word but it's the one that seemed to keep tumbling out of my mouth all day.

The Grand Tetons are beautiful.

Beautiful in that jaw-dropping-eye-popping-take-your-breath-away kind of way.

Really, really beautiful.


Eric and I must have said to each other a dozen times today, "Can you believe how beautiful it is here?" Anyone near us must have wanted to scream, "Please stop using the word beautiful." I would have, if I'd been listening to us.




IMG_2805 2

While Eric and I were busy waxing poetic, Kenna and Michal were diligently pursuing their Junior Ranger badge. It's a National Park program that requires children to complete four pages of activities and questions about the park. It includes things like: meeting and talking with a ranger, attending a ranger program and going on a hike. The rangers take the program quite seriously. The girls learned about different animal habitats and spoke to a ranger about the fire that's currently burning in the park. They toured the American Indian Museum and filled out a "bingo card" of animals, plants and signs that they found.





One of the things on the bingo card was an amphitheater. We found it, and when we did, Michal and Kenna ran to the stage and put on a show for their audience of two.

My creation

We worked on their badge the entire day and then returned to the Visitor Center so they could review their work with a ranger, take the Junior Ranger Oath and receive their badge.

We got to the Visitor Center 15 minutes after it closed.

The girls were understandably disappointed but I assured them we'd return in the morning on our way to Yellowstone.

Michal said, "That's OK. I want to come back. It's really beautiful here."


Why yes my girl, it really is beautiful here.



  1. We just got home from there too. And it is beautiful!

  2. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Just out of curiosity - how have the crowds been? You are on my dream trip!
    (google won't let me sign in)

  3. It is so beautiful there. Love your photos. Dave and I went before we had kids and I long to go back.


  4. Alice4:08 PM

    Beautiful to see you encourage your children to appreciate nature. What wonderful memories you and your children will have!

  5. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I want to be on your vacation!!! :) Can't wait to take my girl there.

    I need a shopping tip.... where did you get the hats?


  6. Just have to say that while you are visiting Yellowstone, make sure to drive through Hayden Valley. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen :)

  7. Anonymous9:29 PM

    After living in Chicago (having been raised in CA with lovely mountain ranges) I was gleeful when I came upon these beautiful mountains. I had been mountain deprived for too long. I imagine you might be feeling the same.

  8. There really is no other word for the TETONS... but I would add breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL.

    I used to go to that area a few times a year... Little Tate is now big enough to venture up for a quick breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL trip.

    Thanks for the reminder of how much I miss those mountains.



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