July 22, 2010

Can the Tooth Fairy find you on vacation?

IMG_3520 2

Kenna lost her third tooth this morning.

She came flying out of the bathroom yelling, "IlostmytoothIlostmytoothIlostmytoothandIpulleditoutmyself!" I had to make her slow down and repeat herself to figure out exactly what it was she was trying to say.

I assumed that she had lost her top tooth -- the one that has been loose for so long that I honestly can't remember when it wasn't loose. But no, it was another bottom tooth that she'd only noticed was loose a couple days ago.

And losing a tooth on vacation is a big deal. It means that in addition to a gold dollar coin and pixie dust on your pillow, you also get a second surprise from the Tooth Fairy. Plus, there's the added bonus of having your grandma and grandpa, uncles and cousins around to help you celebrate.

Admist all the hoopla, Kenna suddenly got very serious and asked, "Can the Tooth Fairy find you on vacation?"

I assured her that the Tooth Fairy knew exactly where she was.

She then continued hopping and dancing and flashing her less-one-tooth grin. She wanted to know how many hours until the Tooth Fairy would come and insisted we put her tooth under her pillow immediately.

After sharing her exciting news with anyone who would listen, we headed up to Big Fork, which is on Flat Head Lake not far from Glacier National Park. Big Fork is one of my absolute favorite towns. It's beautiful and charming and authentically western. It has great shops and restaurants and views that just don't end.


The girls each got a fairy to celebrate Kenna's big day and we had a great lunch . . . and bought a divine lemon meringue pie to bring back to the cabin with us.






  1. The 'ginger' fairies are adorable! And that Banana Cream pie in the fridge is making me drool!

    Love that first picture, she so suits her hair in cow tails!


  2. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Echo Jill on this one. I want to be at your dinner table tonight (or whenever you had your pie and celebration!). Adorable tooth fairy dolls. where did they come from? What kind of haul did the toothless girl make on vacation?

  3. Big Fork is my most favorite town, too!!! We have spent many a summer there (especially over the 4th of July!) I have loved following along on your fun summer trip!



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