July 21, 2010

Boys will be boys.

There is a rope swing on the opposite side of the lake that someone attached to a pine tree that leans precariously over the water.

Today we took two boats across the lake to the swing, just as we do every year. All the boys -- big and small -- took turns on the swing while Kenna and Michal loudly cheered them on.


To use the swing you have to climb up a steep, slippery hill, get your hands over one of the knots tied in the rope, put the rope between your legs, then jump off the hill, swing out over the lake and let go so you drop into the deep part of the water. If you let go too soon you'll land in the rocks in the shallow part of the water. If you don't let go soon enough you'll swing back and land in the rocks in the shallow part of the water.


See why I volunteer to take the pictures?

This is the first year that both Bennett and Greer joined the ranks of rope swingers. They did great and had a blast.



After swinging around for awhile we headed to a nearby lake that doesn't have any cabins on it. The boys found a frog and a snake, which both the girls held. Michal told us that, "The top of the snake feels like fabric and the bottom of the snake feels like silk."


This year it's holding snakes. In a few years they'll be swinging from the rope swing.

Me? I'll still be sitting in the boat taking pictures.






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  1. I can't decide which of those jump-in-the-lake photos is my favorite. Love them!



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