June 27, 2010

Welcome to the Lake.

We arrived at Lake James late this morning and I have to say that just being here feels like summer. The lake. The boats. Swimming. And the pinkie-promise that we'll make s'mores around the campfire once the sun goes down.



My creation

This afternoon we were sitting in the cafe at the Inn eating pizza when another family walked in. As they walked by our table their daughter stopped and said, "I like your daughters," which made me burst out laughing because it was such a sweet and cute thing to say.

Her mom and I started talking and she told me that her daughter, like Michal and Kenna, is Chinese. And as we continued talking we figured out that not only is she Chinese but she was born in Maoming just like Michal and Kenna were. And in an even stranger small-world moment we figured out that all three girls were not only born in the same city, they all three were at the same social welfare institute, at the same time.

So there in a small town in Northern Indiana stood three little girls who shared a home in Southern China as babies.


What are the chances?






1 comment:

  1. I'm speechless, speechless with goosebumps. What a moment. I bet you had goosebumps too. That is pretty darn amazing.


    Oh and you and I have something in common... backdating posts! Heh! :)

    Absolutely love the pink swing top/dress. Beautiful.




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