June 29, 2010

We Hiked to a Parking Lot


We started our day with a boat tour of the lake. The driver let the girls drive for awhile, which they both loved. We then headed to town for lunch and stopped at Tom's Donuts on our way back to the Inn. If you ever happen upon a Tom's Donuts, stop. The donuts were so good and the price for four? A whole $2.00.



My creation

Once back at the Inn we headed to the craft room where the girls painted and glittered their little hearts out.

My creation

Then I decided we were going on a walk. There is this really neat toboggan slide that you can use in the Winter that goes through the woods and ends up at the Inn. I thought we'd just take the path beside it and get to the top where I was sure we'd find something interesting to see.


Well, we walked the entire path.


We saw a beautiful sunset through the trees.


And we got to the top.


Where there's a parking lot.

Michal and Kenna were howling. "Mom, we walked to a parking lot? You had us walk to a parking lot." They thought it was one of the funniest things we've ever done. I'm sure it didn't help that I told them that there was something "really cool" at the top. And it wasn't even a "cool" parking lot.

We ended our day in the pool and, of course, with a few s'mores, which are always cool, even if you happen to find yourself eating them in an unassuming parking lot.


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  1. Once made my children walk all the way up a hill to find a water treatment plant! One of my favourite photos of them (the one i use on my blog in fact) is them in hysterics about the climax of our adventure. happy days!



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