July 1, 2010

Six. And a half.

Yesterday was Michal and Kenna's half birthday and we marked the occasion in a 100-year old barn with a slice of chocolate cream pie.

And then today I made them a chocolate cake -- from scratch -- with yummy chocolate buttercream frosting.




IMG_2007 2


I think half the fun of our chocolate cake tradition -- no pun intended -- is that the girls know that I'm baking them a cake but I won't let them see it until it's done. So they sneak into the kitchen and I shoo them out. And this goes on and on until the cake is actually done.

This year they requested a "chocolate wedding cake" with lots and lots of layers but were very excited about the "Rosetta cake" I made for them. Fairies are still big around here and it just doesn't get much better than a fairly on a cake.

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  1. Happy 6.5 birthday Kenna and Michal! It was great seeing y'all at Chinapalooza. My girls are sorry they didn't find the treasures/toys in the basement earlier!



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