June 26, 2010

Pure Road Trip Joy


My plan was to be on the road not one minute after 7:30 a.m.

However, at 8:15 a.m. I was sitting at the kitchen table watching the clock and waiting, not so patiently, for the girls to wake up. I kept weighing the pros and cons of arriving in Fort Wayne later than I wanted to versus driving three hours with crabby little girls who didn't get enough sleep.

Letting them sleep won out.

I'll choose late over crabby any time.

We weren't even out of our neighborhood before the movie requests started rolling in. "Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure" and "Princess Stories" kept the girls entertained the entire drive to Indiana. They actually told me that I drove too fast because they didn't get to watch a third movie.

We ended our day with a "fancy dinner" at an Italian restaurant and a swim in the hotel pool.

Movies, pasta and swimming are the trifecta of pure joy when you're a six-year old.

This was a good day.


This morning started with Mickey Mouse pancakes with chocolate chips for eyes and a maraschino cherry for the nose.

The plates had barely been put down by the waitress before I was asked to please remove the maraschino cherries from the pancakes. Michal then made the observation that the red spot on the pancake, left by the cherry, tasted just like pancake and not like the cherry at all.

We then headed to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. The best part of the zoo, according to Michal and Kenna, was that they got to both ride a horse. We're not talking about a pony here. We're talking about a real horse. And not even a horse being led around by someone but a horse that walked around a little track all by itself. They were both dramatically leaning forward, pretending to be jockeys while they rode, which meant my heart kept lurching because I was sure with each lean that they were about to fall off of the full-size horse carrying them in a circle.

Equestrian joy for them. Equestrian panic for me.

My creation





Tonight we went to the Matilda Jane Foundation launch party. And what a party it was! It was girly and fun and right up Michal and Kenna's alley. The girls had their faces painted and got their hair done and loved every minute of the evening.

I loved peeking into the warehouse to see all the goodies on display for tomorrow's Art Fair.

Matilda Jane joy all the way around.













  1. I am SO jealous!! I live in Indiana and wanted to go SO badly...I just couldn't fit it in my schedule. I was so disappointed. It looks like a great time!

    LOVE the pink retro glasses. Those are adorable.

  2. That was a dream trip! For all of you. I have been so tempted to make that exact road trip. All that Matilda Jane in one place! Heaven!

  3. OMG, that last pic of Michal is just gorgeous!!!! What a fun trip for you all.

  4. Umm...hello can we come next year:) I promise to eat all of the unwanted maraschino cherries:)

    Y'all really do have a splendidly wonderful life!




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