June 3, 2010


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I'm a Kindergarten drop out.

Really, I am.

We moved from Ohio to Arizona in April of my Kindergarten year and even though there were still two more months of school in Ohio, there were only a few weeks of school left in Arizona, so my mom decided that it was silly to enroll me in a new Kindergarten class, which means I never actually finished Kindergarten.

I did go on to First Grade, just as scheduled, and even managed to successfully make it all the way through grade school, middle school, high school and college in spite of my inconclusive Kindergarten career.

But still, I never did experience the last day of Kindergarten.

That is, until today.

Today was Kenna and Michal's last day of Kindergarten.

They each wore a new dress and posed on the front steps for pictures before we left for school.



They each made six cards -- one for each of their teachers -- with hand-drawn flowers on the front and a neatly-written message inside that said, "Thank you for being my teacher."


When I took them to school I went into their classroom, which I usually don't do, and lingered just a bit and took pictures of them and their teacher. She got a little choked up as she talked about the end of the day and how, after 25 years, it still brings her to tears. And her being choked up made me get a little teary as I thought about how quickly this year has gone and how quickly the coming years will go too.

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At exactly 3:00 p.m. Kenna and Michal bounded out of school with their backpacks and an extra bag, stuffed with papers and projects, flying behind them. They ran and hugged me and proudly announced, "We graduated from Kindergarten!"

I asked them both, "How does it feel to be done with Kindergarten?"

Kenna replied, "It feels . . . " She then paused for a moment as if she was searching for just the right word and then finally finished her thought, "Lovely."

We went out for Mexican food for dinner, to celebrate the occasion, and then topped off the evening with ice cream because, in Michal's words, "If it's a celebration, we definitely need ice cream."


  1. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Wow, it seems like just minutes ago you brought them home from China!!! When does 1st grade begin?

  2. Lovely... how British of her!!


  3. Ah.... LOVELY! A perfect way to describe it!

    We graduated Kindergarten this week too. Maybe we'll have some ice cream tonight just to make sure we celebrated sufficiently!


    Our Blog: Double Happiness!

  4. Beautiful dresses!!! Congratulations to the grads!

    I'm a confirmation dropout for the same reason. We moved before the end. Oh well. :)

  5. Wow wow wow, the year has flown by! Congratulations and huge hugs to Michal and Kenna.

  6. Lovely little ladies! My twin granddaughters completed Kindergarten this week as well. I have taught for 33 years (Kindergarten), and it is always teary...just watching my "kinderbabies" leave for the big world!!! Gale

  7. Happy Kindergarten graduation, girls! What absolutely lovely dresses and sandals!



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