May 2, 2010

The sounds of silence.

Tonight, when I put the girls to bed, they were uncharacteristically silent. It was as if someone had super glued their mouths shut.

Then, the silence was broken by a whisper.

"Mom, is she afraid of our big eyes?"

"No," I responded. "I don't think she's afraid of your eyes."

"Then why do we have to close our eyes?," came the reply.

"Because you have to go to sleep. She's very busy so if she gets here and you're still awake she won't be able to come in your room."

That was the end of the questions. Michal was not going to jeopardize the promise of a shiny gold dollar under her pillow and pixie dust sprinkled on her bed.

Tonight she lost her second tooth, the tooth that has literally been loose for the past four months, and she was going to make sure it was absolutely quiet so the Tooth Fairy would come.

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