May 3, 2010

Newly Listed: Two Lovely Homes in Phase 2 of a Small Fairy Community

This is a very unique opportunity to lease a charming home in a garden setting.

These two homes were very recently completed and are just waiting for the perfect fairy, fairy couple or fairy family to call them home. These are two of only three homes in the neighborhood and no additional homes will be built.


The first home is a charming white farm house with a wrap-around porch. The home also has an attached lower level with a separate entrance. The first floor could be used as a guest house, mother-in-law quarters, an art studio or office. There is a lush lawn in front of the home.


The home is located adjacent to a densely-wooded area that allows for privacy while still letting in lots of natural light.


The second home boasts lots of unique architectural character and is painted a lovely pale yellow. It features a side porch, which is shielded from the sun by a mature shade tree, and a third story in part of the house.



And, just like the first home in this development, these homes are built on "magical fairy dirt," according to the six-year old architects who assisted with the project and put sparkly streamers from their bike handles under the plants just to make sure there was plenty of magic in the ground.

All gardening and porch-sweeping services are included.

Garden fairies, water fairies, light fairies, animal fairies and tinker fairies all welcome.

References required. Payment in pixie dust is acceptable.

Construction photos below. Properties are now complete and move-in ready.





  1. Magical for sure! And beautiful. Love them. I'll have to show Ro and Ree (wait, now that I think about it, that will create a LOT of extra work for me when they *need* their own fairy houses... I'm keeping these beauties to myself!)

  2. We NEED one of these!!

  3. oops...sorry, and where can we find darling houses like these??? :)

  4. The houses are all bird houses that I found at HomeGoods and TJMaxx. They all are Gardener's Eden brand. The house with the mother-in-law suite is actually two houses stacked on top of each other and cemented together with construction glue.

    I searched everywhere for bird houses that looked like houses and liked these the best of what I found.

    The houses are then sitting in a large terra cotta saucer (Home Depot) that is construction adhesived to a log. (Eric literally took the logs from our winter wood pile.)

    The plants are from Home Depot. I just picked things with little flowers and little leaves.



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