May 9, 2010

A day like this.


Michal was in my room this morning at 6:10 a.m.

I was sound asleep until she told me to not wake up so she could kiss me and wake me like Sleeping Beauty. The sentiment was sweet even if the logic wasn't exactly sound.

Michal is not a child who usually wakes up early. Actually neither Michal nor Kenna typically wake up early -- just one of the many things I love about them -- but Michal was just so excited that it was Mother's Day, she couldn't sleep.

She sat patiently on my bed and waited for Kenna to wake up. I think Eric finally went and made noise in the hall to wake Kenna because Michal just couldn't take it anymore.

The two of them then gave me the gifts they'd made in school. A darling card was tied to a cellophane bag filled with hot pink tissue. Inside the package was a beautiful bracelet made out of glass beads.

We then went downstairs where they each gave me a plastic tote with a heart-shaped "Happy Mother's Day" balloon tied to it and a card they made with me as an angel on the front.


The baskets were loaded with dollar store loot that they'd carefully chosen on a Mother's Day shopping trip with Eric.

My two plastic totes contained:

- A foam kneeling mat for gardening
- A box of Junior Mints
- A jasmine-scented air freshener in the shape of a basketball
- A citrus-scented air freshener in the shape of a soccer ball
- A feather duster actually made out of some type microfiber
- A scrub brush
- A dish washing brush
- A miniature dust pan and broom
- A pedometer
- A jump rope


And there were two bouquets of French Tulips, which are my favorite. The tulips weren't from the dollar store, but wouldn't it be great if the dollar store sold bouquets of French Tulips?

IMG_9450 2

But that wasn't all.

The girls then walked me to their fish tank where they had selected a "fancy goldfish" with black tips on her fins and bulging eyes just for me. They named her Kristi and were thrilled that they'd thought of such a great gift. Eric truly couldn't stop grinning at their choice.

IMG_9351 2

We then all got dressed and went to brunch in the city. Today was the Celtic Festival in Millennium Park so after brunch we watched Irish dancers and listened to Irish music and the girls got their faces painted and jumped in the moon jump.

Our view from the restaurant where we had brunch.


The four of us reflected in "Cloud Gate" looking a bit squatty.


The girls jumping in front of "Cloud Gate," also called "The Bean."

After a few hours we took a taxi up Michigan Avenue and window shopped a little. Kenna was full of great ideas as we walked down the street. "Mom, can we ride in a carriage? It's Mother's Day. I really think we should. Mom, can we ride on the double-decker bus? Because you know mom, it's Mother's Day."

We didn't ride in or on anything but we did have a great late lunch complete with dessert. As we were all sharing a slice of the single-best-banana-cream-pie-I've-ever-had-in-my-entire-life, Kenna asked, "So Mom, when is Kenna Day?"

I said, "Do you mean your birthday? "

"Oh no Mom. That's not what I mean. When is Kenna Day or Michal Day? When do we get a day like this?"

Her question made me laugh because I remember wondering the same thing when I was a child.

I told her, "When you become a mom, Kenna. When you become a mom, then you get a day like this."



  1. totally made out alright!! A jump rope AND a fish named after you...most excellent...and exceptionally sweet. Truly a day to remember. There will never be days as sweet as these...

    Happy Mother's Day to you...and to fish Kristi!

  2. Aww, they spoiled you rotten and I can totally see why your hubby was laughing so hard over the fish! Heh!

    That was so sweet that they asked you when their day was. Nice answer Mama!


  3. That is just beautiful. Seeing the "bean" reminded me of our trip to Chicago last year. What a great city, can't wait to come back with my daughter and explore your city. Looks like a great Mother's Day! I love it. Enjoy

  4. I LOVE this story!!!!

  5. What a beautiful perfect day!! How special.

  6. What a lovely Mother's Day!!!!! My boys often ask...when "child's day" is? I reply...Everyday!



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