May 25, 2010

Coffee, a License Plate and a Whole Lot of Fish

This morning we had breakfast and then headed to Kona to buy coffee to take home. This is hopefully the world's best-coffee-ever because it was certainly priced like it's made of gold.



While we were at the coffee mill Brennan chose an oyster out of a bowl because this is Hawaii and you just do things like that. Plus, they had a bowl of coupons and Cara picked one that said 40% off and how often can you pick an oyster with a pearl inside it and get a discount?



And inside the oyster was a really pretty pearl, which Cara and I both told Brennan was a pretty cool souvenir.


Which is when he reminded us about the license plate.

The entire time we've been here he has told us the one thing he would really like to take home as a souvenir is a Hawaii license plate. Cara and I have both told him that we didn't think we could find a license plate but if we did, he could certainly buy it and take it home as a souvenir. Honestly, we didn't know where to even look for a license plate.

After the coffee mill, we spent some more time poking around downtown Kona. We went into a thrift store and found more used Hawaiian shirts than I've ever seen but no license plate. Then we were to an antique store . . . and in a bin on an antique desk in the back of the store were Hawaii license plates. Three to choose from. Each with a faded rainbow stretched across their aged surface.

I don't think I've ever seen a bigger grin on Brennan's face.


We then headed to the Harbor where we got on a boat to go out to Captain Cook Cove and snorkel.




The water was crystal clear and the fish were amazing.


We ate dinner at a local "Hawaiian BBQ" place that was next door to a Baskin Robbins. The place was really crowded so we figured it couldn't be too bad. The food was kind of Hawaiian and kind of Chinese. It was served with rice and macaroni salad, but then nearly everything in Hawaii is served with macaroni salad. It was definitely interesting.

We finished our day at the hot tub at our hotel. We still need to pack for our flight home tomorrow but for now we're just savoring our last bits of Hawaii.

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