May 22, 2010


We have two God children, Raegan and Brennan. (That's Brennan below.) When Raegan turned 13 her mom and I took her to Maui to celebrate.


Now it's Brennan's turn for a Hawaiian 13th birthday celebration. This time we're on the Big Island.


Brennan, Cara and I arrived today and started out our celebration with leis around our necks and an amazingly-good chocolate cake delivered by room service.


We then donned our bathing suits and headed for the beach, where we snorkeled with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and gawked at the yellow and black fish darting below us.



We alternated between the pool and beach until dinner time and finished our first day with a trip to the hot tub.

There is something so special about Hawaii. The weather. The people. The water.

I'm so happy to be here.

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  1. What an awesome time! By the way....I'm turning 13 too!..... :)



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