April 27, 2010

For Lease: New Cape Cod House in Move-in Ready Condition


Two-story Cozy Cape Cod-style Fairy House with lush landscaping and spectacular sunset views. Lots of architectural charm including wrap-around porches on both levels. Interior space is somewhat plain but has lots of possibilities. Located in a private garden with expansive surrounding grounds and water view of the nearby bird bath. Gardens are planted with magical pixie fairy dirt, according to the six-year old landscape architects who worked on this project.

Lots of rabbits, squirrels and robins in the area. Occasional raccoons and skunks may stop by but are far more interested in trash cans than they are in fairy houses. Two fairy-loving little girls will maintain grounds and sweep porches.

Only magical, kind and loving fairies need apply. Garden fairies, water fairies, light fairies, animal fairies and tinker fairies all welcome.

References required. Payment in pixie dust is acceptable.

Construction photos below. Property is now complete and move-in ready.








  1. You are too much Kristi...I LOVE your posts.....and the dresses those girls are wearing to play in the dirt is amazing....I'm so OCD...I'd never let poor Annika do that. -sigh LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!

  2. You are the type of mother I hope to be one day - fairies, Disney trips, crafts, photographs - you fill your girls' lives with magic and love. They are going to have wonderful memories of their childhood.

    I am sure you are already aware of this, but thought I would mention it anyway since the girls seem to be in a fairy phase. They can create their own fairy, dress her, decorate her house, fly in Pixie Hollow, and do quests for the five famous fairies at pixiehollow.com. It is a Disney site, and it is AWESOME!

  3. Love, love , love that!!!!!!!!!! I have always wanted one. Such a Cute post!!!

  4. How do you come up with these great ideas?

    And I love the typical cape cod house, always have always will!

    Precious, just precious!


  5. Oh my word, super cute post! I'm sure the fairies are going to be beating the door down to get that cute little house. Your girls are adorable!

  6. Anonymous8:39 PM

    What a cute post and what a cute little house!

  7. What a darling post! I love it!

  8. I love this Kristi! Myah and I usually visit a local herb farm who has a whole fairy garden section,we just found some sweet little fairy houses to live in our garden. Yours is so pretty! It is nice to finally see fresh plants outside again!

  9. So SO SO adorable. Love it. Might have to do this too.



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