March 17, 2010

Spring. Almost.


Today was beautiful. It was clear and sunny with just a few wispy clouds in an otherwise pristine blue sky. The temperature hovered around 60 nearly the entire day and it gloriously felt like Spring.

But this is Chicago and I'm painfully aware that the weather forecast calls for snow on Sunday. And I also know that there is a very real chance the weather forecast will continue to call for snow well into April. But for today I chose to believe it was Spring.

And so did Michal and Kenna.

After school they made an obstacle course on the driveway that required them to ride their scooters in small curly-q circles. And when they grew tired of riding their scooters through the obstacle course, they ran along the chalk lines and between the orange cones instead. They drew with chalk on the driveway and, with the help of a fourth-grade neighbor, created Super Mermaid Fairy Princess Ariel, complete with a tail and cape. They then decorated their already-embelished scooters by putting silver sequin trim across the handlebars and silk flowers down the front of the handle. They played with the dog next door and threw the tennis ball for him again and again. They climbed on the swing set and ran through the yard. And when it was finally time to come inside, they passionately explained that they hadn't had time to play soccer yet.

I have to say that it really felt -- and sounded -- like Spring.





  1. Anonymous9:16 PM

    We had a day like that last week, where it was in the high 60's and we managed to squeeze every second out of the day. The next day it rained and was cold and has rained on and off since....we are so ready for Spring and warm temps!

  2. Love the chalk butt, too cute!

    That was our day today, doors and windows opened, kids running and playing outside. Birds chirping and dogs barking. Just a beautiful spring day!! Not looking forward to our snow coming Friday but that can happen all the way through May!! :-(



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