March 22, 2010

Maple Syrup Sunday


Today the girls and I went to a nearby Forest Preserve to learn how maple syrup is made. Amazingly, the snow from yesterday had all melted, the sun was out and it was a beautiful -- and cold -- afternoon.

We hiked through the woods and stopped at various stations that showed the maple syrup process. We got to see various tools, a tree that had been tapped and then we headed to the "Sugar Shack" where maple sap was boiling over an open fire so it would turn into maple syrup. The girls got to taste sap and freshly-made syrup.

The girls declared that they'd had a "magical moment" after the guide asked Michal to be the maple tree and asked Kenna to hold the bucket to catch the pretend sap from the "Michal tree." Michal asked the guide to please not make a hole in her coat when she used the drill to put a hole in her, which made the whole group laugh.

Michal the Maple Tree and Kenna the Bucket-holder.


Kenna on the porch of an 1800s farmhouse in the forest preserve.


My jumping beans.




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