March 22, 2010

I Heart Faces - Angles


I haven't participated in the weekly I Heart Faces contest in quite awhile but I'm happy to be playing along again. The theme this week is angles and I really love this picture that was taken from above.

We were at a beautiful daffodil glade that was muddy from recent rains. Kenna had been running and playing and finally just laid down on the ground. I stood above her to take the picture and I love her sweetly-folded -- and covered in dirt -- hands against her floral top, and how her eyes look like a smooth sheet of glass.

Go over to I Heart Faces and enter your own photo or just look at some of the great ones that are already entered.


  1. your daughter is adorable! Great picture! :)

  2. she is gorgeous :) and what a great angle.

  3. Beautiful little girl! I so want to try this angle out with my kids! I love how it looks!

  4. Anonymous3:10 PM

    She's so pretty, and what beautiful eyes!

  5. Anonymous5:31 PM

    It's the innocence in her face that captured my attention. Just beautiful.

  6. Oh my, she's so beautiful (and I love her dirty hands!). I'm a mom to a couple of little girls who were born in China as well, and I think our girls make the BEST models! So cute!!

  7. beautiful! i love her hands.

  8. Beautiful.

    I adore how her hands are. Very sweet.

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    K xx



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