March 15, 2010

Friday Finds (The Monday Edition) {Trench Coat at Target}


I recently found this completely-adorable trench coat in the Girls Section at Target and love it. It's available in sizes XS (4/5) to XL (14/16).. It's got all kinds of J.Crew style at a much lower price -- $19.99 to be exact.

It's made out of really nice fabric and has a super cute cherry print fabric lining at the yoke in the back..

I think it's the perfect addition to any little girl's Spring wardrobe.




  1. Kristi...I am assuming these are in the BIG girls section..right?? because I have not seen them in toddler girls..soo cute!

  2. Dawn,

    It is in the Girls' section. I bought my girls coats in XS (4/5) and they fit perfectly. The S (6/6x) was enormous compared to the XS.

    There is a really cute hot pink Spring coat in the Toddler section right now . . .


  3. They are cute!!! Luckily, I bought Kate an adorable hot pink one with a green lining there last Fall that I love (or I would be very tempted;)

    You do find such cute things. It would be most dangerous if we lived in the same city.


  4. I am shocked it is from Target. ALthough I love Target so not sure why. When I saw the pic of the day with one of the girls (I am sorry I forget which one) I actually thought it was a Berberry trench. Which I became insanely jealous. Target...all the style at great prices!

  5. Anonymous1:14 PM

    So cute and useful. Off to Target to see if actually carry it here in Alaska too!

  6. We salmost bought this coat the other day. Miss Marissa decided she didn't want it...I did, though! So cute!

  7. You get me in such trouble at Tarjay. Oh my bill after the Liberty of London launch! Yikes.



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