February 21, 2010

Ice Dancing Commentary

This was Kenna and Michal's conversation as the French ice dancing pair skated tonight.

Michal: "That's fantastic. Even royal music."

Michal: "Is that ballet ice dancing?"

Kenna: "Wow, that's so royal.

Michal: "That sounds like Chinese music."

Kenna: "Mom, would you please let her listen to Chinese music so she knows what Chinese music sounds like?"

Michal: "I know what Chinese music sounds like."

Look out Dick Button and Scotty Hamilton. Sounds like you've got some competition.


  1. Kate is enamored with the ice dancing too. She tells me that it is ballet on ice skates and she has requested pink princess ice skates for her birthday:) our girls conversations are always so delightful.

  2. That's precious, and mighty funny too!

  3. Kristi,

    I saw your comment in Georgias blog and I had to send a note. We adopted our daughter and she is from Maoming. We were in the same travel grp as Stephe. We are from Milw Wi Our blog is Juliashome4ever.blogspot.com I love your pictures



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