February 5, 2010

Friday Finds {Valentine's Day Edition}


I heart Valentine's Day.

I like handmade cards and paper doilies shaped like hearts. I really like vintage valentines, like the one above, and have a small collection that I display each February. I like those silly conversation hearts that say things like "TRUE LOVE" and "LET'S KISS." And eating chocolate on February 14 is all but mandatory, which makes it a nearly-perfect holiday in my book. Plus, you really can't beat a day that's all about saying, "I love you" to those you care about.

So here are a few things for Valentine's Day that I think are just great.


My creation

If you're going to buy a traditional heart-shaped box of candy, or even just a few pieces, I think there's nothing better than See's Candy. A couple of years ago the Today Show did a blind taste test of chocolates for Valentine's Day and See's won hands down against chocolates that were three times the price. You won't find any "curry infused" or "pumpkin seed filled" chocolates here but sometimes it's best to stick to the classics.

See's is really a West Coast thing but we now have a See's here in Chicago so you just might have one too. They'll give you a free chocolate just for walking in the door plus you can't beat the nostalgic feel of their black-and-white checked floors and the rows of candies perched on paper doilies on top of glass dishes.

The perfect Valentine.

I adore Sarah Jane's illustrations that capture childhood in all its beautiful simplicity. I think this Valentine is adorable without one bit of red or pink. (Not that I am in any way opposed to red and pink.)


And this one by her is darling in all its polka-dottedness.


This set of coloring cards is so fun. Each of the 12 designs was drawn by a different artist and for $3.99 you can purchase a .pdf of them all on etsy. Then you just print them out, cut them apart and let the littles in your life start coloring away. And best of all, 100% of all the monies collected goes to benefit the Children's Heart Foundation.


Dress for the occasion.

If you're looking for something for your little girl to wear for Valentine's Day -- something that isn't a $5 t-shirt emblazoned with glittery hearts and the words "Happy Valentine's Day" -- look no further than these adorable heart-covered Matilda Jane big ruffles. They are available for purchase online, unlike most other Matilda Jane clothing, and would still be cute long after Valentine's Day is over.


Make someone's day.

If you're looking for a good gift for a little person in your life, there is a new Olivia book -- oh how we love Olivia! -- and a new Fancy Nancy book -- we love her too -- that celebrates Valentine's Day. They both are darling and exactly what my two are getting for Valentine's Day.

My creation

And, for just about any special person in your life, I really like these books from MyPublisher. Unlike many of the other turn-your-photos-into-a-book companies, MyPublisher uses a four-color printing press to print your book, which is the same process used to print a book you would buy in a bookstore.

I've made multiple MyPublisher books and the free software is quick to download and easy to use. And the results really are lovely.

Right now you can use the code below to get a second copy of your book absolutely free no matter what size the book is.

Picture 4

And finally, did you know that Apple will engrave the back of an iPod purchased on line absolutely free?


That's a love note that you can be sure will be read again and again.


  1. Cute finds! I have Will and Harry's I-pod's engraved too.

    Kate's Monetssori school requires all Valentine's to be handmade (30 is a bit much for a 3 and 1/2 year old). We are slowly doing them with good old fashioned doilies and glitter, etc:)

    Have a GREAT weekend Kristi!

  2. Great finds! Thanks for sharing them :)

  3. AHHHH, Sees Chocolate, the best. I miss the West coast where there were stores all over, here there is only one in Downers Grove, oh well there is always the internet.

  4. Great finds!! Thanks for sharing. I just love those MJ ruffles!!

  5. Great finds. I love those heart MJ pants. So cute!!

  6. Anonymous2:12 AM

    Coincidentally, this year's V Day is the same day as Chinese New Year's Day.

  7. Great ideas Kristi!! I love See's candy, my friends have family from California and they shared some awesome white chocolate yummies with me and I am still craving them! I will have to stop there next time I am in Chicago, I am glad to know there is one close!



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