February 28, 2010

A Fish Tale


The girls' school had a Fun Fair last Saturday. There were carnival games with prizes, a moon jump, a cake walk, a magician and a balloon artist. There was a guess-the-number-of-candies-in-this-jar game and a pick-the-lollipop-with-a dot-on-the-end game. There was also the dreaded win-a-goldfish game where you throw ping pong balls at bowls of water hoping to win goldfish. Thankfully, this game wasn't in the gym, where most of the other games were, but was instead in a classroom. Kenna and Michal didn't even know this game existed.

Then the power went out . . .

Eventually it came back on but only in part of the school. It was decided that it wasn't safe to have a school full of families milling about eating pizza and winning plastic toys in the dark so the Fun Fair was closed down 45 minutes early.

We got our coats from their Kindergarten room hooks and were leaving the building when we came upon the Goldfish Game room. They were no longer playing the game but a line had formed and they were giving away the goldfish.

Before I could stop the words from coming out of my mouth, I told the girls to, "Hurry up and get in line."

Moments later they were each holding a plastic bag with a goldfish in it. Michal named her fish "Michal" and "Kenna" named her fish "Kenna." Later they changed their names to Millie and Super Greta.


We brought them home, filled up a glass jar with water and put their plastic bags in so they could adjust to the water temperature.


The next day Eric decided that the fish needed a proper aquarium. So, he and the girls headed to WalMart with their birthday gift cards from Uncle Paul. They returned with a 10-gallon aquarium, blue rocks, a plastic treasure chest, a plastic rock with plastic fish and a couple plastic plants. They then added an Animal Fairy and a Light Fairy from their plastic fairy collection and drew a picture and taped it to the back of the aquarium. They waited 24 hours and then put Millie and Super Greta in their new home. Sadly, the Fun Fair goldfish didn't make it 24 hours.

So Eric bought three new goldfish and we tried again. And 24 hours later those three goldfish were gone too.

At that point I declared, "No more fish." and Kenna and Michal reminded me to not be sad because the fish were in heaven.

And then today, when Eric came home from work, he told the girls to grab their coats and get in the car. I yelled, "no more fish" as they left.

I guess no one heard me.

Thirty minutes later they returned home with three neon fish, a miniature catfish and a Chinese algae-eating fish.

Millie, Bot, Geo, Got to Go and Kai-Lan all seem very happy in their new aquarium.



  1. Cute post! Hope these new guys live long happy lives!

  2. Has it been 24 hours yet?!


    I have friends that decided they would look get a goldfish and see how they did with it before having children. It was a bad ending like yours, but they have a little guy now who will turn 1 soon.

    The moral of the story.

    Children are easier to rear than goldfish.

    Even though we can't put them in a tank with plastic stuff!

    Jill :)

  3. I love your writing style...always have. Your photography is fantastic, too. In short, your blog makes me smile. Big time!

  4. Lucky you! The fish home looks quite lovely and inviting...I'm sure more fish will find their way to live there!

  5. Sweet, sweet story.
    Best of luck with the new fish!

  6. Great photos . . . I hope these new fish make it! 3 of our 5 goldfish are 18 months old now! The other 2 passed after 14 months and a vacation with a fish sitter :( I wonder why some do so well and others go to fish heaven?

  7. We have an 18 month old "free" goldfish--I never thought it would last the night---now $$$$later, she has a tank with a filter and all the niceties--but she is still a free carnival goldfish and I everynight I still can not believe she is still alive!!! I love animals but am not much of a fish person--but our daughter and our cats love her!!! --yes our cats perch on the bed and watch her swim around!!!! Good luck with your new crop!!!!!! I've heard goldfish can live ~ 5 years if they make it through the first couple of days!!! and yes, we have had the cat sitter watch her twice now!!!

  8. Our first and last fish was named Stanley and lasted 24 hours. Our son was about 5 and sobbed and sobbed over Stanley's death. So glad we aren't the only ones!



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