February 28, 2010

Day 58


February 28, 2010

11:30 a.m.

A girl with curls.


  1. Very pretty - did you use a curling iron or curlers? Any hair products? My girls curls don't seem to last.

  2. I used a curling iron. The trick is to have the hair just barely damp so it just feels cold but not wet. It works well if the hair has just been dried but is still the slightest bit damp. It also works if you wet a washcloth and hold it on the hair for just a few seconds before curling it. That way the curls are steamed in and seem to stay fairly well.

    Also, I hold the barrel of the curling iron straight up and down and wrap the hair around it so it makes a ringlet instead of just curling it under.

  3. Wow - great suggestions! Will try it next time. Thanks, Wendy
    P.S. to double check, no hair products needed? And how many hours do these pretty curls last?

  4. I've never used hair products before doing the curls. Some gel or mousse might make them last longer though.

    The curls last well for four or five hours of running, playing and being shoved in a coat. Some wave will remain for the whole day.

    For Chinese New Year I curled M&Ks hair, put it up and hair sprayed it and it lasted the entire night.

    If you find hair products that work, let me know.

  5. Darling curls. We have been curling Kate's hair too:)



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