January 29, 2010

Friday Finds {BabyPop Designs}

Last night at bedtime Michal told me, "Mom, most people just have children but you have super hero children."

Why yes thank you, I do.

I've noticed that toys in our house seem to find their way into one of two categories: there are things that are quickly put aside and forgotten about and then there are things that the girls come back to again and again.

BabyPop Designs superhero capes definitely fall in the latter category.


The girls are all about superheros these days. They regularly ask me if I need saving and they leap, hop and jump around our house -- pretending to fly -- fairly often. They've both decided to hang their superhero capes on the end of their beds -- just in case they hear someone calling for help while they're sleeping. (Imaginative pair of little girls, umm superheros, I have.)


BabyPop creates really amazing personalized superhero and princess capes that we just love! We not only own these great capes, we also gave them as party favors at the girls' birthday party last year. The capes feature your choice of initial, symbol (shield, crown, circle, heart, star, spider, alligator . . .) and color so they're not only well-made, durable and imagination-inducing, they're also completely customizable.


The company is owned by Sherry, who is a 15-year veteran of the apparel industry . A few years ago, after the birth of her second child, she left the apparel industry to be home with her kids. Then she got a little antsy, started making superhero capes and the rest, as they say, is history.

And here's the really super part (pun intended), Sherry is giving one lucky reader, and their favorite super hero, a cape and mask. To enter, go visit the BabyPop Design website and then come back and tell me what color and symbol you'd choose for your cape.


This giveaway will remain open until Wednesday, February 3 at 12:00 midnight. The winner will be posted on Thursday morning.



  1. Oh MY!! My 2 little ones just LOVE WonderPets!! so I would have a blue/green/ or red cape made with 'W' on the back for WONDERPETS!!
    thanks Kristi---I do think you're the most fun mother of twins (I have 16 yr. old twins :) ) ever!!


  2. A pink cape with a K on a heart for the cutest little girl in my life.

    celestia dot price at gmail dot com

  3. I JUST visited her site the other day b/c my four year old ALWAYS ties towels around her neck...when she becomes "exercise girl"! :) I love the princess (pink/purple) outfits. I can just see my daughter riding down the lane on her little bicycle, dressed as a superhero! :)
    P.S. Your "Fancy Nancy" party was just beautiful! We adore the FN books!

  4. The hot pink princess set would be perfect for my China Princess with the "M" initial for Mia :)
    I love when you do these giveaways and I learn of another place to shop!

  5. Thanks for the link. I looked for sets that I liked for Christmas and almost ordered some via Etsy but then decided it was not exactly what I wanted. My two girls play/are super hereos all the time. This will make perfect Valetine presents for them. :-) I went directly to the site and ordered my two. :-) Her prices are so reasonable. I have seen some that are easily 2 or 3x her price. Thanks for the find.
    and the M and M Girls

  6. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Definitely purple with a crown! :)


  7. i love the ultimate princess set with the crown and letter initial. what fun we are having...

  8. Love these!!! My almost-5-year-old LOVES playing superhero these days! If I dont win, I'll think I'll indulge anyway!

    Would love the dark purple cape with hot pink heart! Thank you so much for these fun giveaways!!!

  9. ooh! Green cape with a pink heart... and a mask FOR SURE. Love the masks!

  10. JennD6:57 PM

    my boys would love these, I might have to order even if i don't win! my boys would love the pirate symbol on a black cape with an orange initial!

  11. Anonymous9:53 PM

    What fun! My daughter's 3 favorite colors are purple, yellow and pink, so a purple cape with yellow circle and hot pink "M" would truly delight!


  12. I think Marissa would have to go with her favorite color - hot pink and a heart. She shows a lot of heart every day with her loving nature!

    Have to add that our second choice would be a cape for our little Miniature Schnauzer...Marissa is always picking on her-trying to dress her up!

  13. So stinking cute! I have a little one that would adore one too! Super A would work great!

  14. Amy Gillen9:28 AM

    Thank your for sharing this site. My boys would love a red cape with an alligator on it and the letter G.

    Amy G.

  15. This is awesome!!

    I'd pick the bright pink cape, lime green crown and a light pink S for my silly Sophia!

  16. Oh you totally talked me into this!

    I haven't even picked up my prize from the last contest, i was in Ireland though, so I have an excuse and now I just can't decide!

    So, for this draw I think I would go for the red or green cape and the symbol would be the crown, probably in red. Oh and I would have to buy a crown too, because they are just lovely!

    Tell me, now you know why I hav't chosen book plates yet. Talk about probably-maybe-if-but, and not being good at making decisions!


    Thanks for this Friday find!

    Oh and I remember seeing your girls wear them the first time, when you put pictures on your blog - that was a long while ago. I immediately went to Etsy and searched them! Not realizing you didn't even buy them on Etsy! :)


  17. I love these! I'd get a purple cape with a light pink heart and a dark pink letter "C"! You are such a fantastic source for great things to buy for kids--can't tell you how much I appreciate it!

  18. OMG i love it!!!! Thank you for doing Friday's finds....love these capes!!! I'm heading over there now....I'll be back : )

  19. If I won...I would like the pink cape with the crown on it : ) so cute!!!
    I didn't know you did Friday's finds too...how funny!!! Thank you for linking to mine...I'm happy you did. These are wonderful!!!

  20. No question on the part of this princess.... the pink princess one of course! Fun idea.

  21. Anonymous9:54 PM

    My superhero would love a black and hot pink cape with a lightning bolt!

  22. My son would love these.. I would have to get a black one with yellow lettering. I would also add another letter because we call him NJ.

  23. Another great find! Thanks!

    My superhero gal would LOVE a HOT PINK with crown with a big T on it!


  24. I would pick the dark pink, ultimate princess.....I would do the letter S since both girls start with that letter.



  25. Woo Hoo how much fun. My little Monkey loves all things pink and purple. So I would choose a hot pink cape, light pink heart with a purple S.

  26. My Isa would choose a green cape with a cupcake!

  27. An orange cape and blue circle with a D on it. Depending on who you ask, the D stands for Drew, my son's name, or Diego,

  28. Susan9:35 PM

    Kristi, after seeing the pictures of the fancy nancy birthday party, I have to say that you are the superhero mom and deserve to be wearing a cape... and a crown!

  29. These are so cute. I would chose the Superhero Pack with a "C" for my grandson. He is totally into superheroes.

  30. So fun!!! Thanks for sharing.
    We love pink hearts too.

  31. My 6 year old son would love these!!! We have play silks that he ties around his neck for play.
    Probably Red with his initial on it but maybe the pirate bones! I would have to let him pick!! So fun!

  32. Carlene9:29 AM

    One of my little super hero "T" is turning 4 the end of February! He loves the color red.

    Very cute thanks

  33. Anonymous11:01 AM

    Pink (of cource!!) with the letter S on it. k. carter

  34. My little Annika would totally be about the Princess set. How adorable. Where do you come up with all these ideas?? You are so fun!!

  35. My girls love to play superheroes! Hot pink cape with lime green crown with a purple C..can't get any louder than that!

  36. Very cute! A light pink cape with a hot pink crown and the letter E in red!

  37. Such a great idea.
    I would love to get a blue cape with a green shield and the letter L. I would give it to my best little buddy.

  38. I was thinking purple with crown or a cupcake... but the first commenter's Wonderpets idea is awesome. My littlest is OBSESSED with Ming Ming. So perhaps a green cape w/a "W"? So many great ideas!

  39. Oh my, those are so cute! Love the heart one and an "L" could be shared by both of my girls! Thank you!



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