December 21, 2009

The Phoenix Zoo


We spent the day at the Phoenix Zoo today riding camels, feeding goats and riding the carousel . . . and of course looking at animals.

The highlight for the girls though was the seven-ride card for the carousel that Grandma and Pa Pa bought for each of them. There's just something amazing about getting off the carousel and then being able to get right back on! They also were incredibly excited about their new zoo-gift-shop sunglasses that they decided were "real glasses" and insisted on wearing at all times so "they could see clearly."




This goat was so funny. He was standing on a log so Michal and Kenna stood on a log beside him and brushed him. As they were brushing him his head started to droop and then he just kind of melted down on to the log and laid there with his eyes closed. I think he would have been perfectly content to just lay there and let them brush him all day long.

My creation


This was somewhere around ride number four!


And look who followed us to Arizona. The girls were ecstatic when they woke up this morning and found Eloise waiting for them in our hotel room.



  1. I love that sweet goat. The glasses are adorable. Before reading your post, I thought they were prescription glasses. They do look so real.

  2. What a smart goat! I would have done the same thing ;o)
    The girls look like they are enjoying their trip to the zoo!

  3. Looks like you are having such a GREAT time in Arizona...baking and leaping and spinning on that carousel:)



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