December 3, 2009

It must be December.


It snowed today for the first time this Winter. It was that pretty, big flakes, feels-like-you're-in-a-snow globe kind of snow.

The girls were giddy.

Michal looked at me and said, "Mom, you were right. It really is December."

My apologies to those of you who live somewhere where it doesn't snow. I guess December isn't coming to your house.


  1. We normally get your weather just a few hours after you, but all we got was rain. I guess December hasn't arrived yet in PA.

  2. Beautiful! I have a love-hate relationship with snow: I love to look at it and play in it, but I hate to drive in it. And I want it to melt after 24-48 hours. Simple demands, no? :)

  3. I'm a bit sad that we don't get anything close to snow around here (So. Florida). We haven't even been getting the cooler weather that we normally get this time of year. I'm so glad your daughters are enjoyed the first snow. It looks beautiful!

  4. We would have snow by now, here in eastern part of Canada. But not this year. We're had an incredibly mild fall and winter so far. And that has me more excited than anything!!!

    And yes, the first snow is just beautiful. But I know you, like myself, by say, March, snow makes you want to say words you don't normally say!! :)

    Enjoy it while it's fresh and clean and beautiful! I love snow globes too!


  5. I live somewhere it doesn't snow (dallas, tx), and it snowed this week! Praise the Lord it is just so glorious!

  6. I love snow but then comes the below zero temperatures and not so much!

  7. Even We got snow here today!!! You'll have to go see on our blog. We were so surprised!

  8. I am so stinking jealous! Wish it were snowing here! It does snow here but just not enough for me!

  9. We really like getting snow in Louisiana, which occasionally happens. When we do get it, it melts as it hits the ground or in case of a "blizzard," it lasts a couple of hours. Of course, everyone is positively giddy with excitement, including the adults. About four years ago, it snowed on Christmas Day!



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