November 14, 2009

Where Dreams Come True.


"The Place Where Dreams Come True."

That's what the sign said as we drove under the arch being held on one side by Mickey Mouse and on the other side by Minnie Mouse.

Two voices from the backseat alternated asking, "Can we go swimming?" "Can we see princesses?" "Can we go swimming?" "Can we see princesses?"

They then declared that they could see pixie dust in the air because, you know, this IS the place where dreams come true.

Once in our hotel room, they stood on the balcony and told anyone who happened to walk below that they were in "The Most Magical Hotel Room Ever." This particular hotel room received that designation because it just happened to look out at swan boats, a lake, a waterfall and two swimming pools.

This is what I love about Disney. Where else can you see magic in the air? Plus, where else does your grilled cheese come on a slide-shaped plate and do ducks swim in the swimming pool?

Dreams really do come true here. Even if you're just a duck.






  1. We're going in a few weeks; too bad our trips weren't at the same time so the girls could play together! We're meeting another China friend who was adopted at the same time, so we are really looking forward to going. Hope the girls have a spectacular time...and so do the ducks!

  2. I share your girls' love of Disney World! So, so fun and magical. And where do you get their adorable dresses?!

  3. What fun! If the hotel gets such rave reviews, the vacation itself will certainly be magical.
    Enjoy! Can't wait for the pictorial review :)

  4. Oh how I love Disney! I hope that you have fun and enjoy every magical minute!

  5. A magical time in the girls lives... it is so fun to see those glowing faces, it makes you so happy. And where o where did you buy these gorgeous dresses?? Mathilda Jane?? How I miss the USA... there is not such a variety here in SA.

  6. Wish we were there with you!

  7. Oh this is so exciting....I did not know you were posting and I am so excited to read them all. It is magical there.



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