November 4, 2009

The Tooth Girl


Ever since Kenna lost a tooth, she has christened herself "The Tooth Girl." She completely believes that being "The Tooth Girl" brings with it a long list of special privileges that have nothing to do with The Tooth Fairy or money under her pillow.

If she and Michal both want to wear the same outfit to school she'll tell me, in all seriousness, "Well Mom, I should get to wear it because I'm The Tooth Girl." When she and Michal are playing I hear her negotiating to be the teacher, or the doctor, or the circus performer because, you know, she's The Tooth Girl.

I brought both she and Michal a piece of a pumpkin whoopie pie -- totally scrumptious and at Trader Joe's by the way -- when I picked them up from school today and Kenna was sure it was because we were celebrating that she's The Tooth Girl.

So my Tooth Girl is milking this moment in her life for all it's worth. And it makes me laugh that she is. Plus, she's developed this new smile she likes to flash all the time. And that makes me laugh even harder.


  1. That is just too funny. Wish I would've thought of it at her age!!!

  2. How funny. I wonder what her title will change to once Michal loses a tooth.

  3. That is totally awesome! Congrats "Tooth Girl!"... and milk it for all it's worth! :)

  4. You 'GO' tooth girl!

  5. Catching up after my trip....and as usual, your blog posts just make me smile! The girls looked awesome as "Tooth Fairies" and the new smile and attitude is just adorable. Loved the pictures, especially the ones of the leaves flying up in the air.
    Just out of curiousity, what camera do you use for these shots?



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