November 17, 2009

Magical Moments.


Today the girls had a tea party with Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter. When I made the reservation I knew that the tea party was for "children only" but what I didn't realize is that "for children only" meant "parents may come in for a few minutes at the beginning of the tea party and then may return one hour later to fetch their children at the end of the party."

Once I figured out we were not invited to stay I looked at Eric and said, "Do you realize we're turning our children over to the Mad Hatter?" He just laughed.

(I'll just add here that the tea party was in a poorly-lit dining room and the pictures are not the greatest.)

We came back an hour later to pick them up and they all had their heads on the table pretending they were asleep. Once all the parents were back in the tea party room the kids yelled, "Surprise!"

The girls loved their tea party with Alice. And by using my very best interrogation skills I learned that they decorated cupcakes with frosting and Mickey sprinkles, were offered apple juice tea but asked for water instead, played hide-and-seek with -- I'm quoting here -- THE REAL Alice in Wonderland and the very, very silly Mad Hatter, did a craft, took pictures and sang "A Very Merry Unbirthday."






After the tea party, we headed to the Magic Kingdom where we again saw Tiana's Jubilee and were again gifted Fast Passes by a generous cast member. Then the girls' had a real Magical Moment. They were asked to stand in the front of the Bear Country Jamboree and make all the announcements over the microphone before the show and then "wake up the bears." They got to say "Good Bye" to everyone at the end and then, for no other reason than they're Michal and Kenna, they curtsied.

It was really sweet especially because they were just so excited. They also were given a "Magical Moment" certificate and a pin that says "Happily Ever After." For the rest of the day they told anyone who would listen that they had "a real magical moment."

Truly, priceless.

Peter Pan's Magic Flight remains the unanimous favorite and we rode it a couple more times today. The girls also met Peter Pan and had a hilarious conversation with him. The girls told Peter Pan that they thought it was great that he could fly. He responded by telling them that they too could fly if they had a little pixie dust.

Michal politely explained that they couldn't fly because of something called "gravity."


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  1. How precious! Sounds like a magical time!

  2. What fun, what fun!!! Please remind me how old the girls are. I would LOVE to do this with my granddaughter who is about to turn 3.

  3. Anonymous5:32 PM

    Your girls are at the perfect age to enjoy Disney! Looks like beautiful weather, not too crowded...the girls's pixie dust must be working! It's so much fun that we get to share your trip,too! May ALL your days be Disney days!

  4. Anonymous5:34 PM

    The pixie dust is working...great weather, small crowds, and lots of time to spend with the princesses! I'm enjoying your trip, too! Thanks for sharing the magic!

  5. OK... this is one of the first blogs I started to read (well your original one)... I think I started reading it in mid 2005. I've never posted, but have been a faithful follower! My husband and I were at Disney at the same time and I believe he saw you on the monorail one night... he was with our oldest daughter and she had fallen asleep... if it was you, you got off with them... and you had a conversation about MJ... this is cracking me up because he came back to the room and told me about the conversation, but I had no idea it was possibly you until now... so was it? To jog your memory... my husband is super cute and my oldest daughter is Chinese... I think she had on an Aurora dress.

  6. Brandy,

    It was absolutely us! What a small world! (No "Disney pun intended.) We rode from the Magic Kingdom to the Grand Floridian on the monorail with your husband and daughter. I was laughing because she was chatting away and then just passed out mid-sentence. Your husband was laughing that she can fall asleep with popcorn in her mouth. Once we were off the monorail he asked if the girls were wearing Matilda Jane and told me how much you love it too!

    I wish we would have figured out the connection sooner. It would have been fun to meet you in person.

    I hope you enjoyed your Disney trip as much as we did and thank you for letting me know who we met. :)


  7. Anonymous9:09 PM

    What's with the funny grins? :)

  8. Those would be the "Mom, are you really asking us to take another picture" grins!

  9. Mary,

    The girls are 5 3/4. That's what they would tell you!


  10. Great photos! I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I had the most amazing time in Chicago.

    The tree at the walnut room was incredible!

  11. What fun! I am sure you have your own magical moments with the girls - and we love reading about them!

  12. Glad they had fun at the tea party. I am surprised it was a children only event too. Looks like they had a GREAT time. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  13. Look at all of the fun you are having in these posts. Sooooo envious!



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