November 2, 2009

Hello November.


It's November. The Halloween decorations are now put away -- except for the two five-foot spiders that continue to look like they're climbing up the front of my house -- and our clocks are set back an hour. (I did somehow forget to re-set my watch and nearly had a heart attack today when I thought I was late picking up the girls from school.)

This morning the girls were chatting with each other and Michal told Kenna that she could be anything she wants to be when she grows up. To which Kenna responded, "No you can't. You have to be born a Tooth Fairy. And you have to be born a queen or a king."

Michal just looked at her and said, "You're right."

I'm glad we've got that settled. Now I just need to do something about those spiders . . .


  1. Well, there you go, so much for my dream of being tooth fairy :)
    Glad we got that cleared up!
    Love that pic... I can't tell the girls apart, but she looks so happy to be playing in the leaves!

  2. Their conversations crack me up. Such intelligent little girls!


  3. I love that picture! I am glad they were able to get such important matters settled :)

  4. Love how smart your girls are.

  5. They are so adorable!! I love their funny little conversations. I often listen to Sarah and wonder where she comes up with some of things that she says.

    Beautiful fall photo! This is my favorite time of year for photos....the colors and textures are amazing!




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