November 3, 2009

For the love of leaves.


There is nothing prettier than Fall in Chicago. The leaves started changing colors a few weeks ago and nearly all of them have now fallen off the trees. The girls couldn't be happier that there are piles of leaves to play in.

After school today we went to a forest preserve that was supposed to have lots of maple trees. When we got there, there wasn't a maple tree in sight but there were hundreds of oak trees. Kenna was ecstatic. She loves oak leaves because they're chocolate brown and shiny like her flower girl dress sash.

She collected a huge bouquet of oak leaves to send to Grandma Jan in Arizona. Because, you know, "Grandma Jan doesn't have leaves in Arizona."

(In the top picture you can see Kenna's two new bottom big girl teeth coming in. It looks so funny to see big teeth where her little ones used to be. She thinks they are the greatest thing in the entire world.)






  1. Oh my goodness, the girl's coats are adorable! I love the outfits you pick out for them.

  2. What fun!! This is such a great time of year for the kids to be outside. My two love rolling around and kicking through all the leaves!!

    The girls look adorable....I love their matching coats!!


  3. The coats are just beautiful, love the colors and fabric!! It reminds me of a coat my girls had when they were 2 years old.... time flies! Now we don't need winter coats...

  4. Hi - Your photograhs are lovely and those coats are to die for...will you share where you purchased two China beauties would love them too! Thanks.

  5. Those coats are so beautiful! The colors and prints are lovely! We don't have anything like that here in Florida, of course we don't need them, I guess!

  6. The coats are by Corky and I purchased them at Nordstrom. I know they're on sale right now a the Half Yearly Sale.

    And Mireille and Annie, oh do I wish I could say we didn't need coats!



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