October 31, 2009

Tooth Fairy Trick-or-Treat


We are now end-of-the-driveway parents.

You know the ones. The parents that linger at the end of the driveway while their kids rush up to the front door, ring the door bell, get their candy, dispense their thank yous and then run to the next house.

And Michal and Kenna are now officially "the kids who run on Halloween." They ran non-stop from house to house. Kenna didn't stop running when her crown flew off her head and she didn't even stop running when she dropped her candy bag. She did stop running briefly when she wiped out on our neighbor's driveway but even then she was up and running again as soon as she realized Michal was already at the next door.

The girls ran the entire time they trick-or-treated. They ran down one side of our street and up the other before heading home so they could admire their candy-filled pumpkins, change out of their costumes and head to our neighbors for the annual Halloween bonfire.

Our neighbors have a trampoline. They ran there too.

IMG_7746 2






  1. oh my goodness, how funny!! sure sounds like they sure had fun :)

  2. What a fun (and very pink!) Halloween!

  3. Sounds like they had so much fun. And really, isn't this just what Halloween should be?! Such cute tooth fairies...

    Wondering where the tights are from?


  4. Lisa,

    The tights are from Gymboree. They're the tights that they paired with the costume and I thought they were so cute! You could probably find them on major clearance now since they're technically a Halloween item.

  5. Adorable Halloween tooth fairies, just adorable!!

  6. Ahh... GREAT costumes. I love the tooth fairy idea~ they are so creative.

  7. Cute, cute costumes! The girls look fabulous. Pink AND polka dots...can't wait to show this to our daughter. She will squeal with delight.

  8. I love the tooth fairy costume - especially on such a candy filled holiday. Looks like you all had fun.

  9. That is so cute! I can see it clearly... running in these pink converse, the dress bobbing up and down!! Love it!!



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