October 31, 2009

The Halloween Guessing Game Answer

Thank you so much to everyone who made a guess! I loved your answers and thought they were so fun and creative.

Here are some more photos of the girls dressed up that may help you figure out the correct answer.



Can you guess now?



What about now?


Kenna and Michal are both the Tooth Fairy!

Kenna lost her first tooth last week and her second tooth yesterday. Suddenly, it's all things Tooth Fairy at our house. The girls decided they wanted to be the tooth fairy for Halloween somewhat last minute and I thought it was a great -- and very relevant! -- idea!

There were seven people who guessed the correct costume and the reason why. I gave you each two entries in the drawing. There was one person who guessed the correct costume but didn't give a reason. I gave you one entry in the drawing.

Drum roll please . . . The winner of a one-year subscription to Martha Stewart Living is . . . Dawn at Pearls from the River!

And this answer just made me grin from ear to ear. I know Michal and Kenna would have declared it their favorite guess, so the winner from the junior division is Marissa who guessed the following:

The girls are fairies.
The reason is because they are magic!

So Terri at Marissa at Home you've won a subscription too!

Dawn and Terri, e-mail me your address and I'll get your subscription started.

Happy Halloween!


  1. I love it! What an original costume!!!! And they wear it so well :-)
    Happy Halloween

  2. I was totally off base but I don't care!!! I love it!!! Those are such original and stinking cute costumes!!! Very cute.


    Happppppp Halloooooweeeeeennn!!

  3. Oh man, best costume idea ever!!! You'll always look back at this costume and grin when you remember why they picked it. So fun. (I didn't know Kenna lost a tooth already -- that is bigbig excitement, I'll have to tell Ro and Ree immediately. If you have any toothless photos, please share.)

  4. I love it. The girls are just too cute for words. I think at 38..I would get along magically with them. I love pink and sparkles...I love "magic land'...have they seen the movie Pollyanna? The prisms are gorgeous in it. (the movie is probably a bit old for them)

  5. Very creative! Did you make those?

  6. I'm telling you those are some COOL tooth fairies. I'm loving the shoes!

  7. That is so cute. I LOVE the tooth fairy idea! Did the costume come that way or did you sew the tooth on? Adorable!
    I hope y'all have a lovely Halloween. It is so much fun with the little ones:)

    COngrats to the winners...GREAT guesses!
    P.S. Harry lost first tooth on Halloween 2 years ago ---he was almost 7!

  8. I bought the fairy outfits and wings at Gymboree and then I made a felt tooth, sewed sequins on it, and sewed it to the front of the outfit. I also made a tooth fairy wand for each of the girls. The wands are pretty darn cute!

  9. Oh, and the crowns are Sleeping Beauty crowns from the Disney Store. I just removed the Aurora badge from the front and voila! sparkly-pink Tooth Fairy crown!

  10. Yippee, I never win anything. Being a dental hygienist, the answer came right to me. Your girls are adorable as ever! Thank you Kristi. Happy Halloween!


  11. Anonymous6:35 PM

    Congrats, on winning at "I Heart Faces"

  12. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Great costumes! The tooth fairy has been visiting our house quite often lately as well. One of my twins lost 4 teeth before her sister finally lost one...I hope Michal handles the pressure a little better than my daughter did! I was surprised that there was a six month difference in when they lost their first tooth...
    Nancy In MA
    twin girls 6 yrs old

  13. That is genius! :)

    Love the costumes, are they hand made?


  14. Sorry, I just read your comments, indeed you did sew part of them yourself. You are an amazing mama! An inspiration I say!


  15. Hi Kristi,

    The girls look adorable!! I stopped by to see your minor adjustment to the costume.......how cute!! I love what you did.....very creative! Sarah ended up wearing her wings, but I couldn't get her to wear the crown, so we settled for a flower in her hair!

    Hope you had a Happy Halloween.


  16. I can not wait to tell Brynn that the Tooth Fairy has visited your house. She will be so excited because she knows that your girls aren't that much older than her. And this means that she may be next!!

  17. I just have to say this again...

    I think it is funny how the girls costume and Sarah's (from The Long Road to China) are just about the same (without the tooth). They even have the same shoes and tights on!!! You both must have excellent taste!

    I just think it is soooo funny and too cute!




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