October 23, 2009

Girls in the city.


The girls had a school break so we spent a couple days and a night downtown.

We ate. We shopped. We browsed in the American Girl store. And today we spent four hours at the Chicago Art Institute.

I forget that we happen to have one of the finest art museums in this country right in our backyard. It's really an amazing museum with an unbelievable art collection. (I took the photos below as we stood and looked at paintings just inches in front of us.) There's something really incredible about walking through a museum and recognizing many of the pieces.

My creation


At one point we walked by a Jackson Pollock painting and Kenna yelled, "Mom, mom, there's the Olivia painting!" She recognized it from the book "Olivia," which actually has a different painting by Jackson Pollock in it, but a Jackson Pollock painting nonetheless.

Michal then replied, "That doesn't look like a painting at all. That looks like a mess!"

The security guard burst out laughing and said, "I couldn't agree more."

We then walked into a hall filled with sculptures. Kenna drew in her breath and quietly said, "Wow."

My heart swelled. Standing beside me was my very own, five-year-old-appreciater-of-art. But before I could even bask in the moment, she continued, "Wow. Look at all those spotlights."


A room full of beautiful sculptures and she was wowed by the spotlights shining down on them. She did however wonder what happened to this guy's head.

The girls especially liked the "dot painting," better know as "Sunday at Le Grand Jatte." They went back and forth from one side of the room to the other looking at the painting up close so they could see the dots and then looking at it from far away so the dots would disappear.

I will admit that there's nothing better than looking at art through the eyes of a child. And I have to agree with Michal. Jackson Pollock paintings do look a bit like a mess.


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  1. Brings back memories of our trip to Chicago last April. I love the Sunday in the Park painting and oh our favourite was Ladies who Lunch! Thanks for sharing a piece of one of my favourite cities.



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