September 23, 2009

Stephanie and Joseph's Wedding.


Stephanie, who is a friend of Eric's from graduate school, married Joseph this past Sunday at The Drake Hotel in downtown Chicago. The wedding was beautiful and included not one, but two ceremonies. The first was a traditional American wedding ceremony, which also honored Joseph's Irish heritage with readings by several of his siblings who came from Ireland for the wedding. The second ceremony was the Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony that honored Stephanie's Chinese heritage.

And much to the utter delight of my two chickadees, having two ceremonies meant they got to walk down the aisle not once but twice.

Our day began with them both yelling, "It's my big day!" as they ran downstairs for breakfast. They ate while literally giggling and asking how soon we could leave. After a stop at a little girl hair salon for fancy up-dos, we headed downtown to the hotel where they got dressed in their flower girl gowns -- we weren't allowed to call them dresses -- and proceeded to wait and wait for the ceremony to begin. We passed the time by listening to the harpist play during afternoon tea, by looking out windows at the cars below, and by standing outside and waving to the hotel guests as they climbed into taxis waiting at the curb.

At last the girls' big moment arrived. With rose-filled baskets in their hands they walked side-by-side down the aisle dropping petals as they went. After the first ceremony was finished, they got to come back down the aisle and then come back in again.

We then headed to the reception, which they loved as much as the ceremonies. They toasted the bride and groom and learned how to clink their glasses to get Stephanie and Joseph to kiss. They danced and danced and danced and on several occasions had a circle of adults dancing around them while they danced in the middle.

On the way home they told us again and again that it was the best day of their entire lives!

And I really think it was.

My flower girls.



Standing on the curb waving to whomever happened to be getting in a taxi.


Eric and his girls.
Michal told him, "Now that's what I'm talking about. That's what you should wear all the time."





Wedding 10

Wedding 1

Wedding 1-2

The big moment finally arrives.

Wedding 11

Stephanie and her father.


The bride and groom.


Wedding 5
Coming back in for the Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony.

Wedding 6

The Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony.
The bride and groom present tea to every family member who is older than they are. You can see Joseph's sister and brother, who came from Ireland for the ceremony, in this photo.





Wedding 10

Michal toasting the bride and groom.

Wedding 9


Wedding 8

Wedding 7


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    How simply lovely!

  2. Anonymous11:21 AM

    Those photos are gorgeous! Looks like the girls stole the show! :)
    My favorite is the one of them dancing together :)

  3. Wow -- looks like a beautiful wedding and two lovely ceremonies! Your girls are so sweet and beautiful!


  4. Michal's comment to Eric made me laugh out loud! Your girls are too funny! I must say that they are looking very grown up these days, especially in their flower girl dresses! How pretty they looked! I'm sure the entire day was positively "royal". :)

  5. Those pictures are just BEAUTIFUL!!! The girls were just stunning that day. I bet it brought a tear to your eyes thinking about their wedding day(s).


  6. I am not sure they could be any cuter! Love their gowns!

  7. Stunning photos!! The girls and the bride were just lovely. Looks like a fab time.

  8. What adorable flower girls!!! Those dancing pictures are just precious.

  9. Anonymous6:33 PM

    What a wonderfully special day for your girls!

    Blessings for a wonderful week! Ashley

  10. Anonymous11:24 AM

    Beautiful photos! I love this story - your girls are just too, too much!!

  11. What a beautiful celebration. The girls are darling!!!
    I agree with Michal...Eric looks very handsome all gussied up!

    Hope all is well. I have e-mailed a few times.

  12. What a beautiful wedding and reception. I love those pics of the girls dancing and waiting. Great shots!

  13. Kristi! Ahhh, they look so cute in their big dresses! Just think (or odn't! ha ha) one day that will be them....I can hardly bare to think of that day! :) They look like they have such different personalities.

    I haven't been blog surfing in such a long time due to our schedules - but wanted to say "hi".....

  14. the picture of them, at the window, backs facing the camera?


  15. How precious!!! What a beautiful wedding.

  16. Oh my goodness, these pictures are gorgeous!! You must be such a proud momma!! Love the picture with your husband, such a nice trio!!

  17. They were perfect, stunning flower girls. Those dresses! And their elegant hairdos. It really was an unforgettable fairy tale day for two beautiful little girls. Thanks for sharing the photographs.

  18. Now that's what I'm talking about! LOL! Although, I have to admit she is right, Eric looked dashing. How come there are never any pictures of beautiful you?

    Wishing your friends much happiness.

    And I love that picture of the girls looking out the window, (taken from behind). Beautiful!

  19. Your girls are just beautiful! And your photos so lovely as well. I look forward to reading more about you guys! (Found you through Rach@InHisHands)



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