September 13, 2009

Soccer Mom. Times Two.



The girls' first soccer season has begun and we are now the proud owners of: two purple soccer jerseys -- number 2 and number 3 -- two pairs of purple soccer socks, two sets of shin guards and two pairs of black soccer shorts that I had to go buy because the ones they gave us were so big that they fell down to the girls' ankles. We also now own one pair of pink soccer cleats and one pair of blue soccer cleats since the sporting goods store had exactly one pair of pink in Kenna's size and one pair of blue in Michal's size. We are being very careful however to not call Michal's soccer cleats "blue" since it took 15 minutes of convincing on my part to get Michal to agree that "periwinkle" cleats were acceptable since they match her jersey so nicely.






  1. LOVE the first b&W pic of the soccer ball--you are a very talented photographer--of course LOVE the pic of the gals too!!! Precious!!!!

  2. I love the color of the team shirts! Our soccer association uses reversible jerseys (blue/gray). When The Queen played soccer last spring I couldn't find soccer shoes in a size "8." She ended up wearing a pair of her brother's old cleats which were 2 sizes too big. I had a hard time finding black shorts to fit her petite-self. I still had to roll up the waistband so they woould fit and not fall to her ankles!

    Enjoy the soccer season! It is so much fun!

  3. Oh how I LOVE soccer season! Harry is playing too:) The girls look adorable and I love their gear:)

    That first picture is awesome. I struggle with sports shots....This has given me some ideas and inspiration.

  4. So cute!! Ro and Ree were so excited to see the pics and would like to see a video of the girls playing soccer, if you have one. :-)

  5. Great photos! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one!



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