September 11, 2009

The circus came to town.



A traveling circus comes to the town where we live each Fall. Every child in town begs to attend and every parent in town grumbles that it's terribly hot and crowded inside the vinyl tent that the elephants erect on the middle school playground. And most of us also feel a bit uncomfortable that the circus includes tigers -- yes, five real tigers! -- and elephants who can't possibly enjoy their circus-induced captivity, even though the Ring Master reassuringly introduce the elephants as "just off the ranch where they live in Oklahoma."

I took the girls to this circus the first time when the were not even two. It was not one of my better parenting choices. They squirmed and fidgeted and were wholly unimpressed with all that was happening in front of them. We made it through the first half of the show and then went outside and bought two of those hand-held wands with a ball on top that has lights inside it and spins. They loved those wands and I think we still have them.

Last year some friends joined us for the circus and it was pouring rain and muddy and miserable. We didn't last the whole show.

And this year, well this year I didn't even know the circus was here. A friend happened to mention they were headed there after school. So we went. And Michal and Kenna were mesmerized. They loved the dog that climbed the ladder and jumped into his trainer's arms. They thought the ladies who did "Hawaiian ballet" in the air were fantastic. And their favorite was the trapeze artists who flipped and twirled high above their heads.

And they got to ride a pony.

They now want to be circus performers. I've caught them several times walking on top of things that they shouldn't be walking on, or precariously stacking step stools, books and chairs on top of each other to demonstrate their circus-performing skills.

This year I can happily say that the circus really was fun -- stuffy, hot tent and all.





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  1. So cool! Children love the magic of circus!!



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