August 16, 2009

The view from up here.

This was our view today.


We were at a party on the 40th floor of a friend's building in downtown Chicago watching the Chicago Air and Water Show.

The girls loved watching the planes fly by but the most exciting moment of the day, and possibly of their entire lives, came when they were asked to be flower girls in a wedding. They both literally threw their arms in the air and repeated, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" again and again. The bride certainly wasn't left to wonder whether or not they were excited about her request.

They are now "practicing" being flower girls daily and have been greatly inspired by the book "Lilly's Big Day," a perennial favorite about a mouse who desperately wants to be a flower girl in her teacher's wedding. (If you have a little girl, go buy this book. It's darling.) They have wanted to simply attend a wedding for the longest time and to be asked to actually be in a wedding is just about the single most amazing, special, glorious thing that has ever happened to them.





  1. This looks like a fabulous day all around! I am going to check out Lilly's Big Day...sounds darling. I was a Flower Girl when I was 4...and still think back fondly on that yellow, Lawrence Welk style dress I rocked that was truly a big day! How exciting for you all!! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Oh that is certainly exciting news for the girls. I am sure they will be the most adorable flower girls EVER!!!
    I saw your comment about how you are feeling about sending them off to kindergarten. I think I felt that way with Will is hard to let those first ones go. Now though I have bee at home with a little one for 12 years non stop. I am ready:)

  3. what great photos and sounds like a FABULOUS time.....they will be so cute....always enjoy your blog...



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